A Fly That Flew

 A bit of fun with words.  I hope this makes you laugh.  It was, after all, my intention.  For me, this was a respite from the seriousness of Life.  I chuckled all the way through the write.  Probably a Hell of a sight, sitting here giggling.

A fly that flew,

    by me

    by you

Whispered in my ear,

           “That cloud up there

                    has not a care.

            Why can you

                    not, too?”







The cloud came down

      and said to me,

          “The secret’s in

            not doing

            those things I was

            not meant to be.

            It is all in the choosing.”

I sat with me for

    just a bit

    and spoke of what

    had been spoken.

       Then you walked by

             and looked at me

       As if I were (humph)


That fly flew by

        a second time

and said to me

       quite LOUDLY,

           “The cloud and I want

                 to say, Hi!

            And find out how

                 you’re doing?”

(I told him to

      go visit you

      at work

      with people looking.)

So if that fly

     comes winging by,

and you thought I

     was hazy,

wait till he tells 

     you bout the cloud.

That guy is

        simply crazy!

Copyright 1984 by Joyce Bowen

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