beBee: A Place To Grow

beBee: A Place To Grow

I’ve been looking for a home for a while now. I am a writer. I’ve been at LinkedIn since the last of October. Oh — I had a dormant account with them, but I never used it. In October I decided to put my writing to good use. I’m looking to parlay my art into a paycheck. LinkedIn looked good for that. But I quickly learned that if I didn’t wear a suit (and probably smoke a cigar), I wasn’t a great fit.

Internet media is foreign to me. Oh, I do Internet research and putter around in the background; but full-blown exposure is not my forte, and has never been something I desired. That has changed. One needs to eat. I finished my degree in psychology and found that my disability stood out a bit too much for me to gain employment.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. There it is: The cat’s out of the bag. I face my mortality every day now. But shouldn’t we all? I push it away and say, “No.” My wish for a glorious death in my sleeping dream, moving towards some great beyond will probably not come true. I will quite probably die drowning in my own fluids as I choke my life away.

But I’m alive and here for the moment. I am delving into this new world of platforms, graphics, and picture manipulation. After giving up for over a year, these things have breathed new life into me. My mind is greedy for more.

Thank you, beBee, for a place to grow

Now in looking this over, I realized this piece is about me, not beBee. Thank God for edit.

What is beBee about? It’s about people and community and support. I’ve experienced tremendous support and strokes for my work in just a few days. I couldn’t get that on LinkedIn in months. Community is everything. I read other writers’ works and revel in delicious prose and poetry. To me, beBee is like no other place in cyberspace.
BeBee represents diversity. Members join from all over the world. I can only imagine what’s to come. You see — beBee is a place to grow.

Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen

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