Is it Relevant?

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Looks innocuous as Hell, doesn’t it?  Yet it is a stamp of approval. It means, “Hey—okay—I liked this.”

But does it translate into things the way it does on LinkedIn?

I think not.  On beBee, clicking on this little icon sends a message to the provider of what  might be called ‘literal wealth.’  I don’t think it means everything you click on gets flooded to your connections screens.  Different strokes for different platforms.

When I first figured out that everything I


to my many connections’ screens, I was appalled.  It was like being caught in my underwear.  😱  I liked many things to support that particular connection’s ideas.  I did not expect a-a-a-a-all my connections to share my views

So when you see something youon beBee, hit the Relevant.  You won’t be sorry.

Relevant post on LI:

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