Breakfast with a BEE

Breakfast with a BEE

Cyndi wilkins recognized the tin can I spoke of in  and quickly invited me to lunch. Since our tin can (times of operation under link) was close to both of us and a seemingly comfortable place for a first meet, I suggested breakfast there.  Cyndi readily accepted.

I arrived early to The Salem Diner (run by Chartwells at Salem State University) and anxiously awaited her arrival. I was sick and knew I would be going into the hospital later, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of not having breakfast with a fellow Bee. Perhaps that was selfish.

My Startle response was in high gear, and when Cyndi came up behind me, I jumped hard enough to move the booth and scare the bejesus out of everyone.  We speedily engaged in conversation. Cyndi proved to be an easy conversant. We spoke of other Bees, and she spoke almost lovingly of Deb 🐝 Helfrich. Their relationship is a close one. Bebee brings people together as is evident by our meeting.

She says of Deb:

“She and I have been working the ‘buddy system’ lately sharing our insights and energy while dealing with some very deeply embedded emotional obstacles that had bubbled to the surface on both of simultaneously.
We went on a journey together of excavating the old bones of our past to address the issues facing each of us in our present situations. It’s scary going down into that dark well of emotion, but it helps to have a buddy on the surface to help light your way out of the dark;-)”

Cyndi told me Deb is planning to come our way and promised to ask if we could all come together at The Tin Can.

Our breakfast came, and we feasted on our fare. Liza was our waitress. I had planned a time when I knew she would be working so Cyndi could meet her.  Liza joined in as if she had known us forever.  But she treats all her customers thus.

Cyndi listened as I wove through a story of an investigation I had worked on for years and did not perceive me as sick, for which I was glad. What a respite. Cyndi is an avid listener.

Cyndi owns a business in bodyworks. She says of her business:

“As far as my work goes, in addition to injury recovery, my techniques have evolved to address more long-standing musculoskeletal issues in relation to post-traumatic stress..Would be great if I could work on myself;-)
The techniques I use have been profoundly influenced by the beliefs and practices of traditional Eastern medicine.,.acupuncture in particular, by restoring energetic flow throughout the body.
It is an effective, non-invasive and safe energy medicine that assists the body in the re-balancing of its systems in that it addresses the complete body/mind complex in a truly integrative and holistic way A sort of body-centered psychotherapy that gently releases the tissues of everyday life stresses in addition to post-traumatic events.”

Cyndi spoke of her clients making revelations she was sure they told no one else. So we might say she is also a sounding board for emotions, hopes, and fears. She is an outstanding Bee.

There is much information on the Salem Diner here.

I had been too sick to collect pictures on the day of our breakfast. I went today. Here is a whirlwind tour of Salem, Massachusetts.

   Salem is a coastal city.

Historic buildings abound.

Salem is commonly known as The Witch City 

Salem Commons

My Alma MaterSalem State University

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