Hearth Home Part 1

Hearth Home Part 1

You would think a writer would sit in front of a blank piece of paper and the words would pour out. They often do, but it is the organization of those words that comes into play. Thoughts are a jumble that become ideas. It is my task to try to cause you to connect to those ideas.

Bebee is becoming more and more of a business site. This is a good thing. But just what defines business? I often think of it as the business of making money. It is inevitable.

I have begun thinking in terms of business. I know I need to set up a business platform for tax purposes. Costs need to come out of the till. What comes in has to account for expenses before I can reap the benefits. If I don’t set up a business, I am guessing it becomes harder to prove expenses and everything simply becomes income. I am a business idiot. I need to learn.

There it is–I am now a business.  Something I always thought was a gift was something I paid to learn and study.  It’s a career.

I am in the business of writing about people. I am a psychologist who is a social activist. The monetary returns are paltry, but the personal rewards are great.

When I’m writing about people, hunger pangs recede. My stomach is grumbling now, but I have a story I want to tell. Still—hunger can be a distraction.

You see—I often write in terms of I and me. But my mind resounds in terms ofWe and Us. I know that as a minuscule part of the human race, my story is rampant somewhere—where we experience the same things. But as a writer, I feel I cannot ask you to connect to something so big, so I go small. Perhaps I can connect with you, Reader. We becomes too big and easily dismissed. So connect with me and hear the stories of many.

I have found an organization by the name of Hearth Home. They strive to give comfort to elderly in crisis. Oh, yea—there’s no money in that. But there are rewards. I am hoping to be allowed to understand the organization and the people involved with it. I’m sure it’s one of many, but this one is in my back yard.  I hope to tell the stories of elderly who have lost their homes and the circumstances surrounding that loss.

When faced with adversity, I strive to understand it. In facing my own potential homelessness, I want to know how it impacts many others. I’ll tell you now—I had no idea….

I am grateful to bebee.com for giving us a platform to discuss these ideas.  

Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen

About the Author:  Joyce Bowen is a freelance writer and public speaker.  Inquiries can be made at crwriter@comcast.net
Sobre el autor: Joyce Bowen es un escritor independiente y orador público. Las consultas pueden hacerse en crwriter@comcast.net
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