GhostWriting and Other AdVentures


I’m in business. I’ve landed my first client for ghostwriting blog posts. If I do well, I hope this will translate into more. Thank you, Javier 🐝 beBee, for giving me a chance to showcase my writing.

My first client is a lawyer. I will have to research topics I have proposed he give me to flesh out his blog. I am excited.

Another venture I am embarking on involves prepping clients psychologically for court. I have knowledge of the court system coupled with a background in psychology. I will attempt to help the client separate the legal from the emotional. A lawyer often has to become a psychologist during court procedures which can eat up valuable time. Court procedures can often become lengthy if clients are rife with emotion. Emotion has no place in the courtroom. The time for dealing with such emotion is outside the courtroom.

I am a businesswoman.

My Patron site.  Please support my work.

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