Success  Éxito

What is Success? How do you get there? Success entails a great deal of effort. I often define it in dichotomous terms of being a Victim or a Victor, but I’m wrong. There’s a lot of gray in between.

Success is a careful dance of listening and taking the bull by the horns and acting. There is a constant need to be willing to learn and supplant personal perspectives with new ideas. It requires flexibility in thinking. I find myself sitting here smiling as I think of Deb 🐝 Helfrich‘s and Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee‘s posts—two of the most flexible minds I have had the pleasure to experience on beBee.

There is a psychology to Success. I’m smiling again. A jump-up-and-down, screaming, “Yes” post was Juan Imaz‘s: What insight! What a distinct understanding of psychology in business!

Cream floats to the top. Those that are too rigid in their beliefs will never see the top, or if they do, the rise will be short-lived. Cream often brings with it a few stragglers clinging to success like the drowning. John White, MBA‘s post: is good advice.

Success is based on choices we make, and if we stray—Poof. Once the behaviors conducive to Success are established, you must not stray. Old habits are hard to let go of and reemerge at times. Tamping down those impulses are a necessity.

I often find myself dropping into a near-meditative state when I’m carefully listening. Listening can become a pleasant state of affairs. If I cannot achieve this, I am not really listening, and ideas bounce off me like raindrops on an oily surface. It’s my loss when that happens. It’s not very successful.

We all have a framework to our personalities. It is those that surpass those frameworks that will be most successful. Frameworks limit us and destroy opportunity. Those of us who get stuck in the ruts of our frameworks will never truly succeed.



They’ll be hanging on to the cream.








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