Subcultures be Damned and They are killing Us

I’ve studied psychology all my life. I studied canine behavior for twenty years.

I once had two bitches that had puppies in the same moments.  One bitch scrambled over to the other litter and demolished two puppies.  I locked the offending bitch up, and wouldn’t you know it, she worked the latch and killed one more.  

Are humans the same?

One of the most disappointing epiphanies I experienced was that human beings engage in “pack” behavior. We call them subcultures. We tend to prey on each other. It’s as if we are climbing over the bodies we leave behind to get to the top.

I see subcultures all the time. I am fascinated, enthralled, and dismayed. There are subcultures everywhere. We have them here on beBee. We have them throughout the human hierarchy. Doctors have a subculturepolice have a subculture; and yes—writers have a subculture, too.

One of my most disappointing moments was when I was showing a beautiful dog, and another breeder approached me and expressed that before my animals “made” it, I had to pay my dues. I thought I was showing a damned dog. I had no clue that my participation was being judged. I stopped showing.

I rail against the power and control imposed by these hierarchies. I refuse to play the game. I am a social activist because of it. I see something happening, and I am driven to comment on it. It has caused me to experience more failure than I care to reveal. Not playing the game has hurt me, but I don’t care. I belong to the human race, and I believe it should be a level playing field. Subcultures be damned.

Children are viewed as collateral damage in many subcultures. I dig in my heels and roar about this.

Activists only emerge when the issues they disgorge rise to the top. Oh wait—there is a subculture amongst activists, too.

Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen

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