Trump = Obama?

Trump = Obama?

I tripped across this email lodged in a 2008 file. I was an Obama supporter. The email pretty much speaks for itself. I’m going to go a bit Jim Murray -esk here.  I do not generally do politics.  I relegate it to parlor talk.  Politics generates too much passion.  But I get involved on a meager level at times.

Now comes my email:

RE: ‘Citizen journalist’ at center of Barack Obama ‘bitter’ words
Tue 4/15/2008 7:33 AM

As I read this article, I am reminded of my sons and their comments about others that reflect, not at all, my views. They sneer at immigrants (forgetting they are second-generation Greek sons via their father), talk about moving to New Hampshire where they can own guns, and flitter in and out of unemployment in their blue-collar trades. I shake my head and try to tell them their views are shallow, but they’ll have none of it – they’re right as far as they’re concerned.
Obama’s comments? I’d say he’s got my sons nailed to a T. We’re not even small-town – we’re in suburbia. Our problems are more global, and my sons are hard-pressed to see it. It’s almost as if they need to be close enough to touch it in order to try to do something about it. But they’ll fail. The only way they’ll succeed is to vote. They refuse.
I’ve been voting since I was thirty. I’m fifty-five now. I’ve even taken my kids into the voting booth with me. I tried to instill the importance of taking part in the process, but to no avail. They seem to think it’s inconsequential. How many people out there are the same as my sons?
I hate talking global. I’m so little. When you’re a kid you look at the moon and see cheese. When you’re an adult, you look at the moon and see something so far away and so big.  Politics can be like that. You’re not even a rock skipping in a pond – not even a ripple. No wonder people need hope; it’s all we have left.
Obama gives us the feeling we can matter. Maybe the mistake he made is he reminded us we were small – inconsequential again. Those things people hold on to that they can touch? They don’t matter. What matters is that we come together and effect change. Together we become a force with which to be reckoned. But we can only do that together. As long as we allow people to split us apart, we will fail. Let’s not let that happen. Let’s matter.
And I’m not an Obama worker.

Joyce Bowen

This is what Trump did. He made the little guy feel important—part of a whole. But then he got in and swept the little guy aside. Billionaires strolled through the doors of Government with ease.

Trump is now taking his ax and hacking apart a good thing. (Yes, folks, Obamacare is broken. But why hack apart a good thing. Why not just fix it?) There are Trumpee folks that say,

“Dump it.”

But when the bullet comes along for them to bite, they’ll be sorry. That bullet is aimed at their hearts–literally.

In retrospect, Obama’s good friend Trudeau corralled European markets with CETA, while Obama attempted to wrap up 40% of the GDP with the Asian states in the TPP. The Corporate World then would have a stranglehold on the World’s GDP, leaving nothing for the rest of us and circumventing our courts. I predict Trump will come up with something much the same if his cohorts let him. You and me pipsqueaks will be left out in the cold. I shiver. I shivered when Obama tried it.

I produced this post in the aftermath.

Did Trump study Obama’s strategy? What do you think?


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