Predation: Stories of Stolen Childhoods; Child Abuse

'This Side of Life'


We are a society of subcultures. As such, each subculture develops its own policing mechanism.  Doctors have Board of Medicines; lawyers have the Bar; etc.  We have to follow the Law.  In most cases, these subcultures do not.

I have no experience with anything other than our Massachusetts Board of Medicine. My first allegation was serious and ignored.  Children were at risk every day because of that ignorance.  But I pushed on for years; because I knew children were at risk and was finally successful.  From my first charge to professionals at Children’s Friend and Family Services, it took twenty years.  Can you imagine how many children were raped and assaulted by a child predator in twenty years?  I’ve met some of them, but from what I learned, this man preferred the most helpless of children: the developmentally disabled; mongoloid children, children forever relegated to the…

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