The Price of Beans

'This Side of Life'

The Price of Beans

I wrote this during difficult times. My point, however subtle, was that bullying has a distinct cost to society. I experienced bullying in school, and it was terribly disruptive to my education. I implored school officials to intervene to no avail. They finally got involved after I employed physical violence to defend myself; but their target was me, not my attacker.

Bullying has come to the fore in years since, but not enough.

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The nation shook on Tuesday, April 20, 1999. Two boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, grabbed it by the shoulders, put a gun to its heart and fired at point blank range. Children are, after all, the heart of our nation,aren’t they? Or is it just a portion of our children who sit in our school auditoriums being fed that you-are-the-future spiel who know it is for them? What is not acknowledged is a percentage of our nation’s youth…

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