Baby Doe Child Abuse

'This Side of Life'

                                                                 Baby Doe

This is a difficult piece for me. I remind myself every day that five children in the US will die today. Baby Doe already had her deathday. She is, for me, a poster-child for what happens when we deny the incredulous—parents and caretakers kill and traffic their children. Another face that haunts me is the face of Jeremiah Oliver. Wait—let me swipe the tears from my face.

Yes—I’ve been tagged a crusader. The first time I was called that was when I was sitting across from a police detective.

“You’re quite the little crusader, aren’t you?” He said.

I was ashamed. I threw my eyes down, but hey—it’s true—when it comes to children I am rabid. Anyone who abuses a child to death or sexually mistreats them is a devil in my book. I think I’ll have T-shirts made up. CRUSADER

Is that what it really takes to care about children? A…

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