Killer Drugs (Drogas Asesinas)

'This Side of Life'

Killer Drugs (y en español)

There are plenty of street drugs that can kill, but what about prescription meds? More and more drugs cause medical consequences endured by people who take them. More doctors are prescribing meds for off-label uses, resulting in complications not revealed to the patient.

I give you my travels through the prescription drug realm.

As I have gotten older, my body has become more susceptible to side effects. I have implored doctors not to give me drugs that impact blood sugar and blood pressure. This has often fallen on deaf ears.

Doctors have striven to control my anxiety through medications. I can be stricken with paralyzing fear over the minutest of events. It’s a result of extreme trauma I suffered as a child followed by institutional trauma.

I am grateful that doctors wish to help, but the pen can be mightier than the sword when it comes to that damned prescription pad. I have sought…

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