Those Weren’t the Days

'This Side of Life'

Youth was an interesting time.  Do me a favor and play this while you read.

Now you might think I was a real pothead because I loved this song.  I wasn’t  I just loved the damned song.  I hated the feeling that marijuana gave me.

It was the era of, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll,” but my life was tied up in activism and putting a roof over my head.  I was sixteen and felt utterly alone.  I worked up to 80 hours a week; the owner of two donut shops shifting me from store to store to avoid paying me overtime.  

A few years later, I traded those long hours to become a figurehead for a local drug rehab.  I sucked at it but committed to performing various tasks for 18 months.  I did speaking engagements and did my best to work with those in the drug world.  I was…

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