Digital Dinosaur in English y en Español

'This Side of Life'

Digital Dinosaur in English y en Espaniol

Yup—I’m sort of a digital dinosaur when it comes to professional media. I found comfort and camaraderie when I read Joel Anderson’s

It was close, but I got no banana.

My mind grinds to a halt when graphics confronts me in Spanish. They look so sweet—still no banana. I got lost in the translation of

Javier🐝 beBee ‘s Not even noticing there was a link to an easily translatable text that I could copy and paste into Google translator until Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar pointed it out.  My mind was grumbling through what translation I could do in my head, but my classes in Espanol were so long ago…  Thank you, Irene, for making me pause enough to realize there was more.  I grit my teeth and try to stumble through some of the wonderful graphics in Spanish.  But the text in graphics cannot be copied and pasted into a translator.  It’s why I…

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