Salem Hospital; Child Abuse

'This Side of Life'

Doctors are Gods; are they not? I don’t think so, but they think they are. I once had a doctor say to me,

“Things are getting better.”

And he was right—for doctors—not for patients.

The Atlanta Journal Consitution wrote a scathing review of physicians involved in sexual assault and rape. Board of Medicines (BOM) in each state often merely provided a slap on the wrists of the offenders. The legal system, meant to protect the victim, often defers to those entities charged with protecting us. But the BOMs are protecting doctors, not patients, so we—the little guys—are left without something we hold so dear—justice.

Doctors, very typically, do not speak out against their colleagues. It’s taboo to do so. Those charged with our care hunker down and protect each other. It’s almost as if the patient is the enemy. Records are manipulated; information left…

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