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Politics has become a team sport. I like to avoid politics like the Plague. It’s always a tumultuous topic. And opinions are like assholes—everybody has one. But lately, it seems like the assholes are winning.

I adored my grandmother, but she helped me understand the mind of the voter. I eventually described her as: If there was a turd in the road with the label of her team on it, she would vote for it. Never did the thought of voting for what was right enter her mind. She was an avid Yankees fan, but if a Yankee ran for office without her branded mindset, I suspect she would have discarded that Yankee. When I broached a political issue, a defiant gleam took over her eyes, and I knew enough to shut up and silently gnaw on my words.  Yes folks–politics has become a team sport

Now I do mean…

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