Women are Declining to Breed

'This Side of Life'

Women Are Declining To Breed

Motherhood was driven into me from childhood.  Schools even promoted it.  I was required to take Home Economics though I wanted to do Wood Shop.  But school could never have prepared me for what happened.

Through no fault of my own, I became a single mother. I was on the dreaded Welfare. I railed against government help and sought a profession. But my interviews for jobs cost more than I could rightly afford, and I called Welfare for help. I received about $150. Twice a month, and childcare for each interview cost about $90. I was so insistent the Welfare office finally told me I could get assistance if I signed a Section 51A. Imagine my horror when I found out that a Section 51A was a child abuse and neglect order. I didn’t sign.

When I finally found a position, I called Welfare and told them I no longer…

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