Expanding Your Horizons

'This Side of Life'

Expanding Your Horizons

I am a psychologist and an avid behaviorist. I study stimulus and response, and my favorite subject is—well—me. I am constantly gauging my response to situations with the knowledge that I am not unique. I fit snugly into a collective.

Subcultures abound. There is hardly anything more fascinating than subcultures. Hierarchies within subcultures are fascinating and sometimes scary. I flinch in response to power. When I can, I do not abide it. I avoid it.

But being a behaviorist, I am drawn to hierarchies and subcultures like the plague. They can hardly be avoided. They are everywhere. They are like pyramids with a central figure or figures at the top—followers lie below. I am constantly in decipher mode. Who dis—Who dat? I bathe in the intricacies.

In business, the hierarchies are obvious. Titles are applied; there is no doubt. In life, hierarchies are less obvious. But they are there. Is…

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