Salem is the Halloween Capital of the World

Salem is the Halloween Capital of the World

Okay—so I live in Salem, Massachusetts. Rule of Thumb for residents is you don’t go outside for the entire month of October if you can help it. But I did so today.

October in Salem is a holiday worth experiencing. I dragged myself out the door and started walking. No cars this late in October: The streets are riddled with tourists. What an experience.

There are excellent restaurants and many food vendors.  I think I’ve settled on Finz as my favorite.  But there are many fine establishments excelling in cuisine.

Take a spin with me as I muddle through the crowd capturing pictures and food and–oh yes–Fun.

I always jokingly say, “twenty-five points for a tourist.” But many of us (me included) do love our tourists. If us residents are disgruntled by the inconvenience, it is true tourists know how to enjoy our holiday. I marveled at the costumes, hats, etc.

There are silly costumes.


There are serious costumes.


There are sexy costumes.


                            And just plain fun, fun, fun.



Tourist traffic is so heavy, streets are shut down.  Mail gets suspended. 



(Are those my fingers?  No charge for those.) 

                                                 There are rides and fun everywhere.

It’s probably too late to capture the celebration of Halloween this year.  But remember–if you are looking for an October dose of fun, try Salem.  As for me?  I’m moving.  I want to come back as a tourist.

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  1. It is crazy, I was born in MA and we lived there for a few years. I always said my grandmother on my mothers side should stay living in Salem because she is the head of the Salem Witch Tribe! You can tell her and I do not get along. She has always been mean and ugly to me so I just don;t speak to her anymore.
    The decorations you did were great!!! I hope everyone had a great time!!!

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