Istiak Needs a Kidney

Looks like getting a kidney is a hard sell.

'This Side of Life'

istiak kidneyDo you remember this smiling face? I wrote about Istiak in my post:

Oftentimes, I would go into the convenience store, and there would be a scowling Istiak behind the counter. I cajoled and smiled, and finally found that smiling Istiak so prominently depicted in these pictures.

Being rooted in the mind of a journalist, I poked and prodded Istiak’s personality until he finally revealed a secret. Istiak is on Dialysis. His kidneys have failed. He had had untreated high blood pressure, and it has taken his kidneys. Now I understand the difficulty he experiences upturning those lips into a smile. I suspect he is tired far too often. He’s been on Dyalisis for two years.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee wrote a buzz that was conducive to caring—how it helps to take a moment—pay attention—and care. I tried to find it and failed miserably. Dude—you are just so prolific with your mind-bending Buzzes.

I’ll let…

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