Survivors VS Victims

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Survivors VS Victims

I’ve been sick for weeks; groveling in tributes to my body in the form of chicken soup and OJ. Lowering myself to this status began when I attended a speaking engagement on sexual assault and rape at a local college. I coughed mightily throughout the presentation. By the next day, both the experience and illness had thrown me into my bed. I felt beaten.

Now—I wrote the previous paragraph a week ago. I was grabbing at wellness in my mind, but my hacking and spewing has driven me to the emergency room once since. I’m still under the weather—struggling to write.

My speaking engagement to UMass students–Kappa Delta Phi NAS, Kappa Upsilon Chapter Sorority sisters—still has me reeling.  I spoke about sexual assault and rape. After five decades of experience, I found myself challenged—revictimized yet again. As I tried to decimate my experience with the system, there were those in the audience who countered the…

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