fine dining in salem

The month is quiet. People are going outside to enjoy the sun. It’s time for a departure to the real world for me, and I chose to do so with a fine meal at a local establishment.

Finz is located on the waterfront. Its outer lines are as crisp as its food. But what I saw on the outside gave away no indication of the delights inside. The exterior is casual and inviting.

I had made reservations—probably overkill on my part—at 5 PM, but I wanted to insure that we were seated promptly, and we were. My son and I sat in a lovely setting. The restaurant was impeccably clean.

Harrison was our server. He took our order quickly, and I asked him to recommend a wine to go with my food. My son settled for beer. Harrison was absent for most of our meal, with other wait staff serving our food. There was no sense of attentiveness on the part of our primary server. But it is necessary to understand the organization of the wait staff. I have heard this is not unusual.

I was adventurous and ordered the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare as a starter along with my personal favorite, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. Organization of the meal was shoddy, with the entrée being delivered before our starters were finished. The offer was made to keep our entrees under warming lights, but I feared it might contribute to drying the fish, so I declined.

The presentation of the Tuna Tartare was lovely, as you can see from the image.  I asked as to its preparation, and a waitperson explained to me that a cookie-cutter-type device was employed to stack the mango and avocado with fresh tuna topping it off. There was just enough ginger-soy sauce to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

My son opted for Crispy Chicken Brochettes.

My palate dwells in the land of everymans’. My eyes captured presentation as contributing to taste, and taste there was in abundance. My entree was the Atlantic Salmon. I admit my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I was barely able to finish the exquisitely cooked fish; a perfectly seasoned dish. The table was overcrowded with delights.

My son chose the Sirloin Tips. He touted his meal as “Delicious.” He was enthralled with his food.

Nothing tells the tale of fine food better than an empty plate.

I recommend Finz only if you understand that the wait staff be instructed as to the deliverance of your treasures. One must insist that entrees be delivered after the starters are finished. It’s about the production of income, Otherwise–eat and be merry.

Finz sits in Pickering Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts. It is a tourist mecca these summer days. A wedding was taking place at Victoria Station.

But it was Finz we came to see. We were not disappointed.


Copyright 2017 Joyce Bowen


About the Author:  Joyce Bowen is a freelance writer and public speaker.  Inquiries can be made at
fine dining in salem

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