Mental Health Awareness?

A little thought given to this.

'This Side of Life'


This is Mental Health awareness month.  I’m here to tell you a bit of my story.  My story is one of many.  Children die every day from the likes of what I suffered, and if they survive?  Well, they turn out like me.  My difficulties are not biological or of character flaws.  My neurophysiology is the result of inadvertent training.  I learned to survive from the moment I was born.  Every second was a question of do I step this way or that?  Do I run or stand pat? Can I breathe or should I hold my breath?

The rage on my mother’s face always twisted my torment with fear.  By an early age, I had learned to temper my fear by dissociating.  I floated my mind away from my body’s associations and drowned my fear with oblivion.  But I had to squeak out a bit to assure my mother…

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