To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?


Getting back to writing has been a journey. I started my online adventure in October of 2016—about two years ago. I needed to make a living somehow. I had finished my degree in 2014 but found that my lengthy stay in our collegiate system had hurt me. I had not counted on many things: age; illness; and the fact that advanced degrees were needed to make it in today’s world.

The “research” bug bit me in childhood. It was my dream—as a child—to gain a position in the genetic research of cancer. I currently have some background in the language of the body—at least enough to understand some of what is out there. I’ve forgotten much of what I knew, but retain those distant memories enough so information that does not blast through can be measured through context.

I’ve had misadventures in medicine thrust upon me in the last two years. Such things made me curious as to why things evolved the way they did through no fault of my own. So I’ve been wandering through causes and treatments for those issues. No wonder they’ve plagued me. I choose to be alone, and I’m female. I had assets that could be bled dry regardless of my opposition. It’s the law.

I’ve poked and prodded through issues surrounding medicine that affect you, me, us…
Here’s my next departure into a literal hell.

My fervent desire is to stay healthy. I was a religious vaccinator. Last year, I had a hissy fit when they made me jump through hoops to acquire a Tetanus shot. I’ve had my flu shot for as long as I can remember. I vaccinated my sons.

I like to think I am not a creature of blind obedience. I like to believe I’m a thinker—this is not always the truth. Blind obedience overtakes me far more often than I like to admit.

In exploring the dangers of medications, my YouTube channel strayed into that damned anti-vaxxer realm. Oh, jeesh. But an MD and a scientist caught my attention, Suzanne Humphries, MD. She is smart and does her homework. I became glued to the tube.

Do I think these people are nuts? I did, but I don’t anymore. Blind obedience be damned. I was taken for a ride yet again. My “Do as I Say, not as I do” demeanor was Busted open.

Let’s start with an opposing opinion:

Time points to this:

“And no wonder: Since 1988, when the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) began, more than 16,000 claims have been considered, and a whopping $3.18 billion have been awarded to families alleging some kind of harm from vaccines. That sounds awfully damning, and in this case, unlike in so many other cases, the anti-vaccine crowd isn’t just making stuff up. The numbers are real, and the federal government is the first to admit it.”

Jeffery Kluger


What this paragraph doesn’t tell you that this may represent only one in ten claims. The process is so drawn out, tedious, and demeaning that many don’t bother. But fear not—most of these damaged, and disabled children end up suckling Social Security Disability Benefits—the taxpayer.
Time’s JEFFREY KLUGER goes on:

“The “vaccine injury court” is more properly known as the Office of Special Masters, which itself is a division of the United States Court of Special Claims. The special masters were created as part of the VICP, an act passed by Congress in 1986 and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. It is a fundamental part of the anti-vax canon that the court is a closely held secret, established by Washington but kept as quiet as possible, lest the public catch wise to the fact that hush money is being paid to injured families.”

Jeffery Kluger

What’s not told to you here is that vaccine producers went to Congress complaining that they were being sued too much, so they would simply stop making all vaccines. Congress passed a law restricting suits, therefore giving billion dollar companies free-range to do anything they want. Dangerous? We do need to have some vaccines in the wings for pandemics and the like.

Even the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

As far as Dr. Andrew Wakefield is concerned, there is this:

And this:

And whatever you can Google. There’s plenty out there.

We are being lied to. We live in a “Do as I Say, not as I do” nation. Do the ingredients in vaccines harm us? The EPA tells us we cannot have more mercury than this or more aluminum than that (neurotoxins), yet vaccines are a treasure trove of both; not to mention all the other goodies in them—up to sixty-two other ingredients. And in some cases, they are being forcefully injected into our bodies. In the end, we will fall victim to them all as laws are passed mandating that all of us have no choice in the matter. Nuremberg Code be damned.

I had measles, chicken pox, and rubella. Sure they weren’t pleasant, but I readily survived. Most children do. What they may not all be surviving are the vaccines to stop these diseases. Here in the USA, we are up to a horrendous number of vaccines for our children. And why not? They’re are worth billions—the vaccines—not the children.  The CDC itself owns a number of vaccine patents.  Can you say, “Conflict of Interest?”

And there are even more in the pipeline.

The HPV vaccine? Knowing what I know now, I would never give it to my kids.

The videos below will take some hours to view. If you care about your children, grandchildren, and yourself; watch them. There are renown scientists, doctors, PhDs, and others in their mix. These people are not against vaccination, per se, they are against what is in the vaccines.

Decide for yourselves if we are being led down the golden path by those standing to make billions upon billions by sticking needles in our arms.

Personally, I think I’ll forgo my flu vaccine from now on.


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