To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

Are we injecting massive amounts of neurotoxins into our babies? We are. Time to become more informed.

'This Side of Life'

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

Getting back to writing has been a journey. I started my online adventure in October of 2016—about two years ago. I needed to make a living somehow. I had finished my degree in 2014 but found that my lengthy stay in our collegiate system had hurt me. I had not counted on many things: age; illness; and the fact that advanced degrees were needed to make it in today’s world.

The “research” bug bit me in childhood. It was my dream—as a child—to gain a position in the genetic research of cancer. I currently have some background in the language of the body—at least enough to understand some of what is out there. I’ve forgotten much of what I knew, but retain those distant memories enough so information that does not blast through can be measured through context.

I’ve had misadventures in medicine thrust upon me in the last two years. Such things made me curious as…

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