R.I.P Freedom… Protest for Freedom


This is the protest you will never see here.  I never saw it on the news or heard about it:



When I first started covering this issue, I had no idea how strongly it would impact me.

A few weeks ago—maybe three, a young couple, looking for an apartment, was in the leasing office of our little community.  They had a cute, 3-year-old with them.

I asked the little boy his name, and his father answered.

“I didn’t ask you,” I said.  “I asked him.”  (I know—pushy, pushy.)

Dad said, “He’s non-verbal.”

I knew immediately and asked, “Vaccine injured?”

He is, and the family was moving here to Massachusetts to escape California.  Dad and I discussed IEPs.  I knew all about IEPs and the shenanigans engaged in by Special Ed Departments.  I didn’t quite understand my emotional reaction until I walked back to my place.

When my eldest was two-years-old,

I was standing in my kitchen from whence I had a complete view of the living-room area.  He was a gorgeous baby: golden curls and amber eyes.  But as I watched him, I knew something was seriously wrong.  Two-years-old and bouncing off the walls.  He was angry, aggressive, and extremely destructive.  I said to myself; I’m in deep shit.  (I mean–he was two!)

I have always, always blamed myself for the way he was.  Navigating Special Ed for almost all of his school life was intolerable.  I knew they blamed me for the way he acted.  But I was driven to get Paul what he needed and never gave up.  I shouldered the blame.  It was my greatest reason for switching from an engineering degree to psychology.

Both my sons were injured by vaccines; although, my youngest far less than my eldest.  I told my youngest to cut his brother some slack—he was injured.

He said, “Is that why he’s the way he is?”

“Yes,” I said.

These kids never really recover if you rely on conventional medicine, and mine didn’t.  Paul is 44 now and was successful enough to become a pipe fitter.  His reckless abandon in everything he does blew out his knees at forty.

I would never have known if I hadn’t explored this topic.  I’m grateful for the info that’s now out there.  But I still wonder if I will ever be able to forgive myself.  I am, after all, the one who okayed the vaccinations.

The people of Italy won that time.

But there is more–the people of Poland had a huge protest against mandatory vaccinations:

It gets worse.

Here is a report by a preeminent research group on the proposed vaccination in Italy. The article says they found no antigens for the diseases from which they are supposed to protect people:

Corvelva study on the chemical composition profile of Infanrix Hexa

Argentina has imposed restrictions of many kinds in acquiring identity documents.

Argentina Creates Mandatory Vaccination Law For Passport, ID, Driver’s License, School & More

December 16, 2018

Read More HERE

Read this.  It will open your eyes.  Once our freedom is gone, how will we get it back?

Copyright 2018 Joyce Bowen

About the Author:  Joyce Bowen is a freelance writer and public speaker.  Inquiries can be made at crwriter@comcast.net

7 thoughts on “R.I.P Freedom… Protest for Freedom

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  1. Joyce,
    I skimmed through this and am horrified that regular people are actually submitting to these arbitrary rules imposed by know-nothings with political power. You’ve mentioned elsewhere that you hope the Hague will bring some sense into this COVID-19 panic-demic nightmare, but I don’t believe outside authority is the answer. I believe individual people must wake up, one by one, to the calls of their own inner guidance systems and refuse to submit to government-over-the-people in all its guises.

    I do support and admire those, like you. who are diverging from the herd. It takes courage to swim against the current Few will thank you for it, but the fact that people like you exist will show others that it is possible to be a conscious being in a world of automatons.

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    1. I have been doing this for a while and I can tell you people will not wake in time to stop us from being subjected to a Huxley-like world. And Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Vera Sharav are nothing more than a Huxley-diversion. We must address Human Experimentation/Crimes against Humanity in general in front of The Hague or we have lost.

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      1. What makes you think the Hague will behave more rationally or compassionately than anyone else?

        I don’t believe in endings. It’s all process. We may be headed toward a “Huxley world,” but every development carries the seeds of its own destruction, I believe.

        It occurred to me that your background interest in genetics made you well suited to the challenges you have faced since then. This certainly has been understandably heart breaking for you, but who is better equipped to meet the challenge?

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      2. It’s a risk [I know] to hope for compassion from The Hague. I’ve been calling for it since a few months before others’ moves to do so. I found it curious that such a case was formulated to move in an essentially useless direction, but after some thought—what happened made sense.

        I did not just engage in a relentless study of genetics as a child, I diverted into psychology to help my children.

        But along the way, I suffered a plague of curiosities which sent me into libraries of different sources.

        • I’ve spent much time in law libraries to the extent I came to understand the language of legalese.

        • I spent weeks in historical facilities which helped me to see nothing is what it seems.

        Salem, Sarah, and Death

        • I spent decades studying human behavior and psychology which helped me apply the previous two studies to strategies imposed on us by The Tavistock Institute.

        What is The Tavistock Institute?

        But I’ve studied far more and have come to wonder just what my intellectual boundaries are?

        My intellectual abilities have always made me the darling of educators since I entered structured education in first grade. I was required to read to my first-grade class, I think, to show other children the power of written words. The only problem I can remember was [having learned to read by sounding words out] was pronouncing ‘island’ as izzzland in the reading of one story. I was finally corrected and never made the mistake again.

        In second grade, we 7-year-old students were assigned an in-front-of-the-class report. I did mine on African Sleeping Sickness which [for some reason] had come to fascinate me. [Go figure] One word I neglected to look up caused my teacher to grimace and squirm in her seat.

        Although I put my classmates to sleep, that word certainly got her attention and I decided to look it up at my first opportunity. I did and got more than I bargained for when I discovered the meaning of “coitus.”

        Perhaps it would have been better if [for the powers that be] they had not irrevocably damaged my family’s lives and allowed me to get stuck in a genetics lab.

        I will use everything I’ve learned as a sword against these creatures and probably fail because of the chemical-dumbing-down they’ve been doing to the population for decades.

        But I certainly intend to use these intellectual abilities of mine to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

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  2. It´s a great job of educating people that you are doing, Joyce!!!
    I believe that all this covid insanity was very premature and that it won´t work since there are one and a thousand illogical restrictions about it and a completely inane so called science that they want ut to believe to be great for mankind thou it is only a way of depopulation and the creation of a new world order.

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    1. Thank you, Connie. I’ve been trying for what feels like a long time to prevent this fiasco.

      Unfortunately, The COVID shot that is being given to the unsuspecting will ‘infect’ the vaccinated–that’s a long story, too.

      I did update this one to include pretty devastating info. Gates/Soros/Clinton now essentially run the USA’s CDC.

      Mass General infectious diseases chief, Rochelle Walensky, to lead CDC under a Biden Administration?


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