Why are people so hostile towards anti-vaxxers?

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Industry employs remarkable psychological strategies. I am an ex-vaxer. My body, my children, and my life have been destroyed by these “shots.” Now those of us who tell our stories are being accused of hate speech. What is hateful about the terrible injuries we have suffered? Twenty% or more of us cannot tolerate these shots. Why? Perhaps it’s the ingredients in these shots—who knows?


Today’s scientific studies are tweaked to show harmlessness. Are adverse effects weeded out? I always say, “I am not unique.” From the voices I have listened to, I’d say this is true. Hear us—we are here.

6 thoughts on “Why are people so hostile towards anti-vaxxers?

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  1. Anti-vaxxers don’t tow the PC accepted party line. They are perceived as the enemy of the corporate state. Having a constructive civil conversation is a challenge today.


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