Unvaccinated kids are a danger to vaccinated kids?


The unvaccinated kids are somehow a danger to the vaccinated kids. Think about that argument for a moment, because what that means is if the unvaccinated kids are capable of infecting the vaccinated kids, that’s equivalent to saying that the vaccine isn’t any damn good, it doesn’t work. And it turns out that the argument is false, because that has always been invoked, you know, that the vaccinated kids are at risk from the unvaccinated, so there’s a lot of social pressure on mothers and fathers to vaccinate their kids from their neighbors. And the truth is quite the opposite… that a lot of the epidemics that are still happening, like with whooping cough, for example, which has been making a tremendous resurgence lately, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s the vaccinated people that are spreading it, not the unvaccinated.

— Richard Moscowitz, MD

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