My Response to “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought”

Salem News’s article, “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought”

is nothing more than a balm for public consumption.  In no way does it reveal the devastating impact these bills will have if passed into law.  Managing Editor Cheryl Richardson is aware that Industry is marching around the country—and even the world—rewriting our Laws to promote profit.

A brilliant young woman defines these laws well with her article:

New Draconian Bills in Massachusetts

These bills strip “parental consent,” cement indemnification from civil liability (Federal Act H.R. 5546, put in place by the 99th Congress in 1986 lays the bed for this,) and even eliminates criminal liability.  It invents the necessity of adult mandates through the establishment of herd-immunity rates.  If these shots are safe and effective, why are these measures necessary?

The Supreme Court of the US stated clearly that these shots are “unavoidably unsafe.”

A top research scientist at MIT, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, has exposed the fact that glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup) is in most of these shots.

“Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and MS, EE and PhD degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science.  She has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur.  She has authored over thirty peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics, and has delivered numerous slide presentations around the world.”

Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, and the Health of a Generation

By Dr. Stephanie Seneff

It appears many ingredients may be being redefined as incidental contaminants.  It also seems that incidental contaminants are being wiped off the “Vaccine Excipients'” map [list].

Pediatricians can make millions forcing these liability-free products on our children.

These shots cannot be physically tolerated by at least 1/5th of the population.  The evidence is clear—70% of adults and 53% of children are now chronically ill.  In a country that boasts itself as having the best medical system in the world, how can this be?  How much are these shots contributing to that fact?

There are gene variants on the mitochondrial DNA that make these shots toxic to many of us.  There is a test, but doctors won’t do it.  It is far too lucrative to give the shots, and doctors risk no liability.

In addition, many pharmaceutical products contain these toxicants.  I cannot take many of them.  I can trace many disturbing events in my life back to my consumption of such prescribed products.  I assume the same is true for my fellow-injured.  Yet the medical-industrial complex uses the very laws created to protect us to force them on us.

I have been made critically ill and my children were damaged by these shots.  Two vaccines my sons received were pulled off the market after a time because they were causing too much damage.   Companies were being sued too much.  There are now millions of injured.

And no one called me to discover whether my sons are okay.  They aren’t.

A woman by the name of Dorit Reiss (a huge spokesperson for vaccines) has said that it would be possible, yet challenging, to have the police go from door to door to force these shots on people.  Where have our freedoms gone?  What has happened to our country?  How can it be possible that a liability-free product can incur governmental mandates as if it is a marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry?  How is it possible that we can be made pharmaceutical customers for life through these mandates?

How far down the rabbit hole will we go?

Our critical checks and balances are gone.  We are at the mercy of our government and its mandates.

The days of Harry Evans are over.  Vaccines are our new thalidomide, and there is no one left to expose this.

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