My Cry in the Night

I never called or will call what my son manifested autism. My toddler obviously had brain damage. It’s well past time to start calling it what it is—vaccine-induced brain damage.

I had never seen what my son was doing in any child before. Of course, this was in the beginning—in ‘76. I had been studying genetics for years and was gearing up for a future in scientific research. But when my professor pulled me into his office to tell me he had arranged for a free pass into medical school, I had to decline. I knew my son needed me to stay with him.

My son had these:

By the age of 4 months and 2 days, my beautiful baby boy had been irrevocably damaged. Both vaccines were pulled off the market in the US because of the damage they were causing. My oldest was so hyperactive and destructive, my youngest’s schedule was never met—lucky him. I could barely take my oldest anywhere.  My youngest suffered less damage–but still damage.

The blame for my son’s behavior was heaped on me. I desperately sought help for my son, but the very system that had caused his problems compounded them by shifting the responsibility for their actions on to me. I’ll never know if he could have been helped.

Babies are now dying every day. Children are being crippled and maimed. What kind of monsters would do such a thing? And a99 is sitting in New York’s legislative halls—detention centers for even the suspected contagious. We’re going to get our concentration camps after all.

NY has eliminated all exemptions-including medical [with threats]. It’s nigh unto impossible to even get a Medical Exemption. I know because I tried. I told the MD that I have a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease.  I brought a friend of nearly forty years with me to witness what I knew would transpire. He had grown up in the profession as his father had been a doctor back in the old days.

She pasted a barbie-doll smile on her face and said, “We especially vaccinate the immunocompromised.”

“Assembly Bill A99 2019-2020 Legislative Session”

“Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health”


Rumor has it it will be snuck into the budget, thereby bypassing the legislative process.  If it passes in New York, you can bet the other states will fall.  I’ve seen enough in the past to know powerful forces are at work here.

I want to save what is left of my sons—I am their mother, and I love them. But I’m fairly certain those of us who cannot be vaccinated will all be called to report to detention centers, much like the Jews were called to railway stations. It seems we will be required to provide our own transportation to those centers.

We have had everything taken from us. All we have left is our lives. It appears we will not even be allowed to keep those.

Copyright: New Year’s Eve, 2019 Joyce Bowen

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