How Could They?

How Could They?

When you watch this, remember it is relative to a difficult time in history.


History became the future which is my past–and now we have worse still today.

My first experience being experimented on came when I was a baby. My arm was irradiated so severely it removed the muscle. It was an experimental procedure to remove a red birthmark. They told my mother it could become cancerous–they used fear. Now I know what was done to me was also cancerous.

*How Could They?* whispers through my mind.

But they weren’t through with me yet. I think back and *How Could They?* rustles and whispers and weeps. The worst that was done involved my children. Many of you know that story.

My life is nearly over. My body is crippled and broken. My family ripped apart.

HOW COULD THEY? screams through my mind.


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