The Canaries in the Coal-Mine

I’ve often said those of us damaged or killed by the very things we’re told will save us are “canaries in the coal-mine.”

It was a hard lesson for me to learn that my trust had been so misplaced. [I have a degree and longtime study in psychology, and it was still extremely difficult.] But then, Bernays

and other strategists had twisted the meaning of the world through television and other media. No wonder we are called “the herd.”

Some of us [an estimated 20%] are impacted quicker by these toxins. My babies’ shots took them out young–damaged but not dead. I took longer because I was older when MDs and government became marketing tools for shots.

Pharmaceutical products [I no longer call them medicines.] almost killed me a few years ago. Many of the toxicants in the shots are laced throughout pharmaceutical product lines.

Killer Drugs

There are tests that show who must abstain from these things, but MDs won’t do them–won’t accept them–won’t even acknowledge them. Laws are being passed from state to state to insure these tests are not accepted. Makes no sense to me.

I thought these people protected us folks.  My how things have changed.

When it comes to toxicants in the shots and pharmaceutical products, we ARE the “Canaries in the Coal-mine. You should run.

Repeal H.R.5546!!! A 1986 Act that completely indemnifies the Pharmaceutical industry and all players involved in administering these shots.  At least 20% of our population suffers death and/or damage from these shots.  There are tests that can be done that are not accepted by the current medical establishment.

Perform and accept the results of the tests currently denied to us.

Copyright 2020 Joyce Bowen

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