Put An End to Human Experimentation

ought I would send you an interesting paper:

Metabolic innovations towards the human lineage

Now [of course] it is a difficult paper, but it led me to a startling conclusion. I have read papers found on WHO publications documenting that they experiment on populations in other countries. For instance:

Report of the 1966-67 cholera vaccine trial in rural East Pakistan

Five years of observation with a practical assessment of the role of a cholera vaccine in cholera control programmes

My mind did not want to venture into a realm where they would be experimenting on the US population, but they are.


They have been experimenting with the general population of the USA with these shots [full-force] since the 1970s. They destroyed my elder son’s life and profoundly impacted my youngest.

I have an autoimmune disease [ASIA], details of which they won’t teach in the USA because it lends credence to vaccine-injury. I’m on my own. The furthest they will go is to acknowledge I have some strange autoimmune disease. I’ve studied papers like these:

‘ASIA’ – autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants

Information on ASIA is being deleted. Here is a story about a sheep study. You can’t find it through normal channels online. It’s archived on a site now owned by the Vaccine King himself. Count on that to go missing soon enough.

Up to 100% Vaccinated Sheep Contract Chronic Neurological Syndrome: Study

May 1, 2013

And here is part of my journey with ASIA:

My Name is ASIA


Before you go around saying this is all conjecture, I can assure you it’s not. Below are some records collected when I was 13-years-old.

“Joyce is no school behavior problem but she is underachieving. She is intensely interested in her hobbies. She raises and breeds tropical fish, hamsters, and experimental mice. She has done a great deal of research for her hobby and finds it a tremendous source of satisfaction. She hopes to go into research and her dream is to work at Bar Harbor where they are doing “tremendous things” in genetics.

Testing reveals an I.Q. of 134 on WISC placing her in the superior range of intelligence.”

Being of high intellect myself, I had hoped my children would inherit some of my abilities. Brain damage from their ‘inoculations’ made that impossible.

An example of how we have become lab-rats

The US Vaccine Advisory Panel, called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), is the group that approves vaccines for public use in the United States. Most members have connections to the pharmaceutical (aka vaccine) industry.

This 4-minute video was taken from a recent ACIP meeting discussing the approval of a new Hepatitis B vaccine for ADULTS. The vaccine uses a new ingredient that has NEVER been used before…

Pre-approval studies signaled an increase in heart attacks…but under pressure from vaccine makers, the committee unanimously APPROVES the vaccine.


But your doctor won’t tell you that…

A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation


Our lives were made miserable, impossible, and worse by a system determined to brand vaccine-injury as parental abuse in the 70s/80s.

42 U.S. Code § 5106a.


The breadth and depth of what they understand about the human body are documented in the first paper. That’s all I needed to know to understand my family was destroyed in the interest of collecting data. How do they collect that data? I think they always have—they just didn’t charge us for it. But now they are making the collection of biomedical information mandatory in some countries—they’ve come out of the dark. We’ve become bonafide lab-rats.

No safety studies are needed. It’s well known these things aren’t safe.

I am of the mind that in high-intellect circles, it is well known we are being damaged and killed. They simply don’t care.

Our governments are mandating human experimentation and are giving us no choice but to comply.

Copyright 2020 Joyce Bowen

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