Hanging off the Vaccine Cliff

“The Do No Harm Act clarifies that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is intended to protect religious freedom without allowing the infliction of harm on other people. It would amend RFRA in order to restore the original intent of the legislation by specifically exempting areas of law where RFRA has been used to bypass federal protections. Source: Human Rights Campaign.org” That’s the loophole in play, if you or I use the religious exemption to refuse a vaccine, the argument will be that we can not because refusal will inflict harm on other people. The slope has been greased and you’re being pushed.”

Industry has gutted [M]edical [E]xemptions across the nation. So, although the next shot, most likely, will kill me, they’ll tell me I have to do it anyway. This is nothing more or less than legalized murder. Imagine—someone can murder me and get away scot-free.

And this Bitch is going after my children…

From what I have seen, many vaccine-injured [unable to get MEs] have fled to religious exemptions. Now, these creeps want to shut even that door.



It’s like hanging off the edge of a cliff hoping no one comes along and steps on your fingers.




The words we thought meant one thing mean another:

Vaccines: disease spreaders.

Safety: Tyranny.

Care: Billing Department.

Doctor: Executioner.

And so on…

“…without allowing the infliction of harm on other people.” But it certainly seems just hunky-dory to kill people with their shots. I guess we are not “other” people.

Are the Vaccine-Injured considered to be people at all?

I went to Seth Moulton’s Representative office in Salem, MA. I asked his citizens coordinator [or some such thing], Anne Meeker, why they just didn’t build the gas chambers and get it over with.

“It would be a kindness,” I said. “Forcing us to live with the debilitating effects of these shots is just plain cruel.”

Anne looked shaken when I left, but the next time I entered those office doors, an aide went out back to find her and then came back to inform me she was out.


I gave the poor man all the information I intended to give her.  He looked shaken when I left.

The day after my first visit, I received a canned email from Seth with so many inaccuracies as to why we had to do it anyway, I wrote this:

US Candidates That are Pro-Vaccination

His email response is in there. I get the feeling these people we are paying to kill us think we are all stupid.

It appears that the whole branch is determined to kill us off slowly and painfully. They are murderers in my book. I went back later and told them they had forced a new breed of Republican—the vaccine-injured Republicans. And we are over a million in numbers. They turned this Blue baby Red—never saw that coming.

There is a test, by the way, that can show who can and cannot have the shots. They refuse to do it, this new breed of murderous MDs. I can take no pharmaceutical products because of the toxicity of their ingredients. It’s not the viruses that will kill me—Inactive ingredients do not have to be tested for toxicity or synergistic effects. It’s those that will kill me.

They are killing us and having a grand ole time doing it.

They are Murderers in my book.

Repeal H.R.5546!!! A 1986 Act that completely indemnifies the Pharmaceutical industry and all players involved in administering these shots.  At least 20% of our population suffers death and/or damage from these shots.  There are tests that can be done that are not accepted by the current medical establishment. 

Perform and accept the results of the tests currently denied to us.

Copyright 2020 By Joyce Bowen

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