Phylogenomics: The Word of the Day

The potential levied in this small word is enormous.  Phylogenomics.  What does it mean for the Human Species?

“Conclusion: This phylogenetic view of metabolic networks puts gene innovations within an evolutionary context, demonstrating how the emergence of a phenotype in a lineage provides a platform for the development of specialized traits.”

Maybe nothing at all.  It is an innocuous statement to some but to me it opens up a different world—a world of promise—or is it a road-map for genetic manipulation?

Metabolic innovations towards the human lineage

I must admit it has been a very long time since I’ve read something this complex, but this is ice cream to me.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream in a Cone

How many of us like ice cream?  What?  Don’t you like chocolate?  Sorry—it’s my article, and I do.

Many of us go back to ice cream again and again—until a flavor is ingrained into our taste buds.  This kind of science is much the same for me.  I have to taste it again and again and again to ingrain its flavor into my brain.

Sometimes the taste is unpleasant.  Appearances can be deceiving.  It’s like the lure of cookies baking in a hot oven—touch the metal, and you get burned.

The potential for genetic manipulation is nuanced.  You have to read between the lines, but you have to know what those lines are saying first.  These lines are nothing short of brilliant.  Ice Cream…

I will go over this work again and again and again.  I want to understand every nook and cranny.  Some of you may remember I declined further education to care for my sick child.

A lifetime of pain, suffering, and sorrow.  And now…

Ice cream—or is it?

When I couple this work with what has happened in my life—antibodies to my DNA—children damaged by injections—I am fearful of what I may come to understand.



“Phylogenomics: Combining Evolutionary Reconstructions and Genome Analysis into a Single Composite Approach” talk in 12/2000 by J. Eisen


“Phylogenomics: Combining Evolutionary Reconstructions and Genome Analysis into a Single Composite Approach” talk in 12/2000 by J. Eisen from Jonathan Eisen

Copyright 2020 by Joyce Bowen

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