It’s a Good Time to Be Born?

It’s a Good Time to Be Born

I was appalled to see this in print. Not only do I know many vaccine-injured children, many lack any language at all. Many regard this as vaccine-induced brain damage.

I left a comment to this article where it was posted that I will include as a intro to this repost.

“I am vaccine-injured as are my children. It’s is relative to mitochondrial DNA which impacts an estimated 20% or more of the population. They will not test for it.

It is also estimated that newborns die on their first day in the US at a number that is 50% higher than all developed nations combined.

Pediatricians receive $400.00 per child fully vaccinated to the CDC schedule with the caveat that 63% of their practice is fully vaccinated. It’s worth millions to many to ignore vaccine-injury and not report.

Vaccine-injury devastated my children, my body, and our lives. I had a brilliant career ahead of me that was literally squashed by this program. My childhood dreams were outlined below in records:

“Joyce is no school behavior problem but she is underachieving. She is intensely interested in her hobbies. She raises and breeds tropical fish, hamsters, and experimental mice. She has done a great deal of research for her hobby and finds it a tremendous source of satisfaction. She hopes to go into research and her dream is to work at Bar Harbor where they are doing “tremendous things” in genetics.

Testing reveals an I.Q. of 134 on WISC placing her in the superior range of intelligence.”

[I was 13-years-old at the time.]

Vaccine-induced brain damage destroyed my children’s lives as well as my own.

I write many articles on vaccine injuries. It seems this investigative journalist [me] has the ‘inside’ scoop. It couldn’t be a worse time to be born with all the toxins inflicted on a child before they are able to give consent as to the listed risks. And there are many…

It’s a Good Time to Be Born

I beg to differ.

What is Life Like For the Vaccine-Injured?

Copyright 2020 Joyce Bowen

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