Opinion Piece On Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s Speech Against The Medical Police State

This guy does not talk about our children from the 70s/80s. Vaccine-injury has been occurring since the very beginning–I think vaccine programs started in earnest in 1971. My children were damaged in the 70s.

Everything about what I’ve seen has appeared clandestine. Things do get done but nothing gets accomplished. Movies are not advertised–they are passed word-of-mouth, etc.

A group he touts aggressively took charge of legislation in my state. I did go to the statehouse, but I eerily felt like some outsider. The result of their efforts?

Our [M]edical [E]xemptions now have to go through our DPH. Our DPHs are run by the pharmaceutical industry. There are tests to show which of us suffer from the toxicants in the shots, but the Medical establishment refuses to do them.

I am vaccine-injured. The shots damaged my children–my eldest badly. They want to force us to get the shots and suffer damage shot, by type of shot, by type of shot. But it is not the viral components in the shots my family has a problem with, it’s the bevy of toxic chemicals in them.

It’s nothing less than legalized murder.

I am of high intellect and declined a free-pass to medical school in ’76 because there was something wrong with my 2-year-old. In the past few years, I very nearly slept with the ingredient list for almost two years. Something was eating away at me, and I finally realized what it was: I would never inject these concoctions into any human being–never mind a baby.

If H.R. 5546 was repealed,


the vaccine industry would finally be liable for vaccine-injury. It was passed in 1986 and indemnifies the vaccine industry for any liability for damages.

This man says don’t repeal it.

They took care of the problem when my children were little by diagnosing our kids as abused. They weren’t abused by anyone other than MDs and the pharmaceutical industry.

42 U.S. Code § 5106a.

And the laws the pharmaceutical industry are going for on the Federal level?

Oh My God. Get ready, here they come. We need to focus on the Federal level, and all you people out there need to be told there are millions of vaccine-injured. We don’t want YOU to join our ranks.

In Addition,

regarding investigations conducted by Congress…

These answers are already known. We have maybe weeks, surely not more than months,  before a shot that is not technically a vaccine is rammed into everyone. 

The shot is for genetic modification and will place a tracking chip into every person on the planet.  Walk near 5G, and your location is revealed.  We all know how long “investigations” take, and no Congressional answers will arrive in time.

H.R.6666 is sitting in Congress ready to be passed in the Senate at the earliest opportunity which will allow government to enter our homes at warrant-less will.  This bill was introduced by Bobby Rush who accepted a paid trip to Rwanda in August of 2019, funded by the following organizations as per filings with the Congressional Ethics Committee:

Rush Ethics Records

“Pursuant to House Rule 25, clause 5(d)(2), the committee on Ethics hereby approves your and your spouses proposed trip to Rwanda, scheduled for August 12 to 19, 2019, sponsored by Aspen Institute, Inc.,  with financial support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Democracy Fund, and Eleanor Crook Foundation.”

HR 6666 TRACE Act Bill: Illegal Unconstitutional And Tyrannical

Articles have been written alleging this act was negotiated during that trip in August 2019, with a $100 billion price tag for the American taxpayer.  That’s months before any pandemic was declared.

Congress is the last place we should go to investigate such things.  We need to take note and lend credence to all those independent voices chiming in.

In no way, shape, or form is our Congress independent.


The story below lists most of my vaccine-injury stories at the end. My endeavors trying to get mainstream media to tell our stories; how the law was used to steal children from many parents, etc.

The article also discusses how, at the Federal level, they intend to abolish any religious exemptions to the shots.

My children, my body, and our lives were devastated by these shots. We need MDs to be told to do the tests which will exempt us and save our lives. I’d like to keep breathing.

Let’s stop talking and get things done to save our children.

Hanging off the Vaccine Cliff

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