False positive tests—Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

I often sweep the Internet for good material—relevant material.  These are troubled times, and I found Dr. Kendrick’s work to be interesting and informative.

I highly recommend you click on the link and read his fairly comprehensive presentation.

Joyce Bowen

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  1. Here in New Zealand, we have an excellent group opposing the lockdowns called COVID Plan B. It consists of scientists, doctors and economists and calls for shielding the vulnerable rather than quarantining health people (which is unprecedented in history). The main epidemiologist in the group says the validity of the PCR depends on the number cycles (replications) they use to achieve a positive result. The way the tests are currently done in most places, labs continue replication cycles until they get a positive result. He says the PCR picks up random viral particles above 35 cycles, so to be fully accurate the PCR should stop there and report whether viral particles are found. Some NZ labs do 40 cycles, whereas labs in the UK and US do 45 cycles.

    Thus to be truly meaningful the test result should report the number of cycles if the result is positive.


    1. One other thing I would like to mention. I do protest this excuse of protecting the vulnerable. I am nearing 70, and am probably considered to be in that group. What I chose to do is my business and my business alone.

      Death is a fact of life. “Get used to it,” I say. Making anyone terrified of something so inevitable is just one more excuse for control.

      A sick child who knows little? Fine. Someone who legitimately lacks faculties? Okay.

      Help [these days] is no longer help. It’s more like those who wish to help themselves. I thought when I reached a certain age I’d be treated a bit more kindly but instead found myself fending off those who wanted to help themselves to what I had accrued during my life. It’s fairly common here in the USA.

      Those of us who are immunocompromised are used as an excuse, too. But I have clearly been told my condition does not exempt me from anything. Shocked the hell out of me.

      Don’t let them use this vulnerable thing as a means of controlling you or me or anyone else.


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