2020 CENSORSHIP: Blocking Military not the Only Problem. Are Our Emailings Impacted, Too?

I’ve been seeing things—[not like that]—changing when I receive emails from many folks.  I have to actually check the body of the email to see what’s in the subject line.  When I first started seeing scrambled entries in subject lines, I have to admit I deleted a few.

Note the subject in the preview below

Then there are the ghost no-subject emails…

And, of course, the real ghost emails with no entries in anything at all—but there are emails there…

But in that nearly blank line is this:

I think I might know what they are trying to do. They will leave the internet up for everyone else, but they may be trying to find a way to make those of us speaking out disappear from the internet.

From the looks of it, this diddling with subject lines and such started around November 5th.

Once received into PC programs, links to articles convert into hopelessly long strings that cannot be activated.  Rangitikei, you are one of those effected.  Haluise—you are another, and so on…

For instance, this is what I’m required to click on to get to Rangitikei’s blog-post

I haven’t found a way to get it to work yet, and it’s a puzzle I chose not to solve because I found a faster way to get to Pam’s posts.

Here’s an Iowa Climate link

Of course there’s a difference in the types of websites, but perhaps what many of us are using for email-alerts is not the best choice.

[Perhaps someone out there would like to figure this out.]

The article below on Pam Vernon’s Rangitikei site prompted me to dig further.  [Thanks, Jon [AKA: Wake Up To The Truth]—for your diligence.]


By the way:

It’s my guess they are going to control the water BIGTIME. People can live w/o a lot of food, but not w/o water.

Copyright November 2020 by Joyce Bowen

3 thoughts on “2020 CENSORSHIP: Blocking Military not the Only Problem. Are Our Emailings Impacted, Too?

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  1. Thanks Joyce. Something to watch out for. I’ve had anomalies with emails for a long time off & on. I guess it’s ramping up with the need to hide the real agendas going down. Re the water, yes they’ve had their sights on the water for a long time & we can see it playing out locally with our local councils selling rather gifting it to foreign bottling companies (particularly Chinese)…. and charging locals mega bucks for it. It’s called ‘sustainable development’ of course.

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  2. Yea right. They’ve been instituting control by using words for what they aren’t for for a long time now. It makes me so made. Forgive my crassness but as far as I’m concerned, ‘sustainable development’ means “How to F*** the General Population through linguistic manipulation.”


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