Introduction: Joyce Bowen

For a very short time, I was in touch with a brilliant man from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He was the:

Director of Research at CERTH • Professor of Bioinformatics
(elect) at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

I think he assumed I was just an uninformed little mother with no brains. In truth, I did not know what CERTH was or even what the field of phylogenomics is. I learn on the fly. {I am, after-all, a genius.}

After pointing me in the direction of a few of his lesser papers [and expressing his concern that I would probably never be able to understand the second], My excitement over the second was obvious, and I maybe heard from him once or twice once again.

Silence speaks volumes more than words, so I poked around a bit. What I learned following my contact with that man is in the following article. It was the direct result of one of his papers–the first one listed:

Phylogenomics: The Word of the Day

Thank you @Randall Burns. You have given me yet another frightening piece to the puzzle.

Please understand that the genetic alterations we are to undergo with these shots are meant to pass down to our progeny. They are most likely based on mathematical/computational models and are completely experimental.

It will be the biggest experiment ever done on the human species and is in direct violation of this:

The Nuremberg Code

By Randall Burns 



    I would like to introduce Mr. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that announced last Monday, Nov. 9 that it has the vaccine for COVID-19. It was also the same day that Mr. Bourla also sold over $5,000,000 worth of his stock in the company and made an incredible profit.

    I am writing this in response to a short video that Ian Weinberg sent me and also posted online and after seeing it I am compelled to communicate my reaction to it. (It is a short video and well worth the watch). Unless I’m mistaken Mr. Bourla is trying to intimidate us into taking his vaccine, I find his attitude downright aggressive and insulting, (although you can be the judge of that), when he states; (starts at 1:02 in video)

     “…Their decision will not only impact their lives, but at the end of the day it will also affect the lives of others because if they don’t vaccinate they will become the “weak link” that will allow this virus to replicate

    The 5 minute video is basically about the stellar performance and track record of Pfizer although the commentator does say that they are only delving in to about 20% of Pfizer’s infractions and crimes otherwise the video would have been over an hour.

    Let’s look at some facts and then I think you will understand why I have some real issues with this guy, (Mr. Bourla), trying to tell me, (dictate to me), what I have to do;

– He’s not my father, nor my mother

– He’s not my boss, supervisor or employer

– I didn’t vote for him nor does he sit in any government position here in Canada, he’s not even from Canada, (He’s Greek)

– He’s not my doctor; actually he isn’t even a doctor, (although he is a PhD in biotechnology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Veterinary School. Great! He’s a Vet!)

First and foremost he is a Businessman!!

    How would you react if this guy showed up at your door and tried to stick a needle in you? I know what would happen if he tried that in Texas; or at my buddy Mike the Baker’s house. (My buddy Mike the Baker gave me some statistics the other day, he said to me, “You know that we have quite a low murder rate here in Alberta although “Hunting accidents” are off the charts)

    As it states in the video “Mandatory vaccines” are on the way, I’ve been told this for months now by close friends of mine, (very smart people), and that is just the beginning Read Ian Weinberg’s piece “Endgame”


    Ian lists the rest of his COVID series at the end of this piece which I strongly urge you to read.

    Here is the link to the Pfizer video, (I must say that I felt nauseous watching it, and NO it’s not COVID).

    I’m sure that most of you are aware of my views on the current situation and have read my articles, here they are if you are not familiar;




   Below is the link on the topic for a podcast that I was interviewed for;


The alarm bells are ringing! It’s only going to get worse.

    Here’s some more reading that will really scare the crap out of you;

The Reality of Gates’ & Schwab’s Plan

Klaus Schwab says – You will Own Nothing in 10 years

Cryptocurrency system using body activity data, (Implanted)

The Best Way to Produce the Desired Result… Again, (by Joyce  Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee)

The Bane of Humanity: Edward Bernays, and the End of the World We Know, (by Joyce Bowen)

Boris Johnson Repeals English Bill of Rights from 1689

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021?

Happy Cooking Everyone!

(Better enjoy while you can…)

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  1. “but all of this is too slow…”

    Yes–that is the point. Using the legal system to stop this is/was merely a ploy to stop us. It is a function of controlled opposition. Anyone saying they are using the legal system to help the public is helping themselves.

    Click to access The-COVID-19-Genocide-2020.pdf

    And for you people that I asked for help stopping this [what?] last year?, welcome to your new world. That includes you, CW.


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