The COVID-19 Genocide

So the perpetrators of this fiasco have a 200-page plan as to how to royally take the general population down. That includes all the Stalinist ‘useful idiots’ who think there will be a payoff to discredit those of us who have studied and researched.

“but all of this is too slow…”

Yes–that is the point. Using the legal system to stop this is merely a ploy to stop us. It is a function of controlled opposition. Anyone saying they are using the legal system to help the public is helping themselves [Whether they know it or not.].

And for you people that I asked for help stopping this [what?] last year—the year before?  

Welcome to your new world.

And, of course this video was taken down in short order. I will be uploading a link for it [hopefully] soon.

Try this link:

In the past,  I had these intellectual tête-à-têtes with a young friend.  At the end of one discussion, as I was walking away, I turned and said,

“Wouldn’t it be crazy if this was the ultimate battle between the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons?”

We guffawed and laughed and I went on my way.

Well, I’ll be damned if a conversation didn’t arise from a questioner that led me to look into that premise.

S/He said:

Europeans have a wide distribution of intelligence; obviously society is led by the most intelligent, however this minority tend to solipsism and regard all humans as essentially identical, thus they regard society’s scum as “victims” of social factors.

It seems those with a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA call themselves “human.”  What does that make everyone else?  Subhuman?

S/He also said,

In what way does your methodological hypothesis address my genetic exegesis?

I immediately questioned the questioner as to the differences in Mitochondrial DNA.  You see—there is a difference there.

That questioner did not answer my question.

Much of the vaccine-injury that’s occurring happens in families and is relative to differences in Mitochondrial DNA.  My whole family was essentially wiped out.

With the genomic alterations the new shot will impose, have those calling themselves “human” lost patience?

To my way of thinking humans must have these critical attributes:





If those calling themselves “human” are capable of attacking and killing small babies do these attributes exist in them? 

I think not.

So just who is the “human” and who is not?

I looked online and found various references to what amount of Neanderthal DNA makes one “human.” It’s there for sure. Now that I’ve put this in print, I’ll research this more. Links will appear here from time to time. Come back and see.

In the meantime:

It’s quite clear the Crazies are in charge.

Copyright November 2020 by Joyce Bowen

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