Passionate Death

I was so ashamed of the original title [at one time] that I changed it to “Reflections.”  What child of sixteen has such deep dark thoughts?  And when I look back on those days [as a child prodigy] I know that even back then [late 60s] I had a sense of being hunted. When I presented this poem to my high school English teacher, she asked me who I had copied it from. My anger at such a question was immediate.

And with the brain damage inflicted on my babies by pediatricians, the circle was completed. I declined a free pass to medical school at the age of twenty-three because of the damage my toddler manifested. I can still see the complete shock, in my mind’s eye, on Professor Blumanktantz’s face at my declination. I suspect he had gone to great lengths to arrange it.

Sounds ridiculous, ey?  Not so when you look at

Aldous Huxley

Bertrand Russell

And Edward Bernays

I always had a sense I would never be good enough—specifically, that my bloodlines held me back. 

I could not, however, find anyway to justify this brain of mine as being disposable.  I endeavored to find a way to make myself useful to my fellow man.  What my naïve mind did not know was that the darkest of dark minds would make sure those of us born into Red Zones would never, never excel.

Let’s move on to:

Passionate Death

Flames shoot through the darkness

Yet the darkness is not there.

Passion erupts in a mind

Yet it is a mind cold to the eye.

Ecstasy bypasses pride

Yet the pride is only a cover.

Confusion bursts through to the mind

But a mind there is no longer.


All is animal and savage

Yet a wounded animal hides.

Hiding provides no safety

Yet safety is felt there.

Blackness shrouds the mind

Yet light is all around

Death prevails above all.

Copyright 1969 Joyce Bowen

And we are just an experimental pool of creatures for the worst of the worst of the human species. The new shot represents a horrific experimental procedure that will be inflicted on us–“The Pool.”

White Paper: mRNA Vaccines: Disruptive Innovation in Vaccination May 2017

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