What is Life Like For the Vaccine-Injured?

Those eyes…  I see those eyes nearly every time I tell someone I am vaccine injured.  Hateful…  Spiteful…  Angry…  Even dangerous…

People look at me as if I am a walking plague.  Fear clutches my stomach and makes me nauseous.  I have to break free of my posture; frozen with fear. I’m afraid of being chased or beaten or held down for more shots.

There are children—babies and others out there that will suffer my fate if I don’t keep speaking out.  My own sons suffered.  I have ample experience as to what these things can do to the human body.  I live with it every day.

I raised vaccine-injured sons—of which my eldest suffered more.  My youngest suffered the position of not needing as much help, so his cravings for attention were attended to less.

Murderous Medicine: Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus


“Baumslag argues that doctors pressured Nazi officials to proceed swiftly to quarantine and ghettoization to further the “eradication” of the disease — not typhus, but the Jews themselves. Typhus prevention rituals, including shaving and gassing, were used under the subterfuge of providing health care. Several million Jews were murdered as a direct consequence. Underlining the point that the goal was to kill Jews, she notes, “with all their barbaric and unethical experiments the German researchers were unable to control typhus and get rid of lice.” Jews were left in a diseased environment and doomed to die.”

I know exactly what the Jewish people suffered during the holocaust years.  Those of us who are vaccine-injured suffer the same now.  Pleas for help are heard but swatted away.  I went to an emergency room a few weeks ago and told the attending I was vaccine-injured.

“Oh, an Anti-Vaxxer,” he said–that look in his eyes…

But the Medical Profession did this to me and mine. What gives?

I’ve been called Pro-Plaguer, Baby-killer, Anti-Vaxxer and more.

But the only babies my decision affected were my own when I said “Yes” to the shots. How was I supposed to know they were lying to me?

I sent a plea to a reporter. His answer was short and sweet:

“What a crock of shit. I’d laugh, but people like you are literally getting people killed.”

I suffer in fear daily as Those in Power creep us towards Forced Mandatory Vaccination.  The Industry has gone from State to State wiping out [M]edical [E]xemptions.  The CDC has written the rules when it comes to MEs.  They only exempt you from the shot that injured you, and there are so, so many.

But it isn’t the viral components that are dangerous to me; it’s the toxic ingredients.  I can take no pharmaceutical products.  They are deadly to me.  The toxicants in the shots have been laced throughout pharmaceutical lines.  So by the time I can get exempted from the whole list of shots, I’ll probably be dead.

I have antibodies to my own DNA. My immune system is attacking my DNA. Cytokine storm anyone? It’s on the vaccine menu. I can just see the handwriting on the wall with this next one—rampant autoimmune disruption and disease. [Death, too] I’m already pretty sick. I sure don’t want to get sicker—or even dead.

I made a trip to our local Federal Representatives office.  I spoke to Ann Meeker there.  I asked, “Why don’t you just build the gas chambers and throw us all in?” 

“It would be a kindness,” I said.  “rather than to make us suffer for years and years—to allow us to hope for a future is cruel when there is none.”

Seth Moulton sent me a canned email the next day explaining how and why the shots are so necessary.  He used discredited information to bolster his claim.  I guess these people think we’re all stupid—or it seems that way. He said:

While I understand that some people are concerned by a suggested link between vaccines and incidences of autism, the 1998 report that first drew this link has since been discredited. The scientific community, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Union for Concerned Scientists have all stated that vaccinations are not only safe but critical to preventing the spread of diseases. Should legislation related to vaccines come before me on the House Floor, I will rely on scientific research and the recommendations of agencies NIH and CDC.

Email from Seth Moulton

So I told Anne these shots are killing us; begged for a quicker death, and Seth sent me an email as to why I must die the way they want me to–for some sick purpose to save the greater good. I must not fit in that greater-good picture for Seth.

There is a Corporate-Strategy by the name of “Externality.”

When a company does something that can impact its bottom line, they just point the finger at someone or something else.

So when the horrific stories of Vaccine-injury started playing out on the Phil Donahue Show, The Now show with Katie Couric, and 60 Minutes;

Industry bought up the media as fast as it could, dumped those stories, and started employing Edward Bernays’ Propaganda strategies.

But on the way, they pointed the finger at the vaccine-injured and the term 


gained new life. Externality stinks when you’re on the receiving end.

“Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccinesaresafeandeffective. Vaccinesaresa…

We hear those words over and over and over again. Well, they’re not.

Here is a video about [and with] Edward Bernays explaining his strategy.

:: Edward Bernays : on Propaganda and Public Relations ::

Below are some videos that played long ago when vaccine-injury could be discussed.

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