The 4-Minute Attention Span of the Online Reader

It’s true.  The average online reader has an attention span of 4 minutes.  Do you click links?  Many don’t.  Yes, I can tell—I can see, and when I see many have clicked links, I do the Happy Dance.

I can’t see who or where, but I see when it’s done.

So why don’t we read and research more?  What impedes our lust for learning?  I don’t have the answers, but I have my suspicions. We’ve been brainwashed to not read anything—trained to watch the boob-tube, listen to the radio, or look at our phones.

When I broach a difficult topic with someone face-to-face, I see disbelief in faces—like I’m intruding—like I should turn and walk away.

So I include visuals to grab my reader.  Graphics, videos and the like.  Colors are good way to prod the mind of the reader—to keep them looking and hopefully reading and learning

Click on the damned links, willya?

I dig for easy visual references like the above.  I use memes.  I include links and hope like hell you’ll click on them.  Why?  Because they’ll give you much of what you need to gain a cursory grasp of a subject.

Learning if funner than going to a movie.  Learning is funner than ice cream [and I love ice cream.]  Learning is funner than almost anything you’ll do.

Okay—old Padawans, too.

So go on a learning binge and feed your mind.  It must be starving by now—mine is…

Don’t do this:

Copyright November 2020 by Joyce Bowen

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