“The Burden of Proof” By Randall Burns

Intro by Joyce Bowen:

This is an extraordinary article by Randall Burns as to the State of Our Affairs today. There is no way it could be said any better.

My reply to his article was immediate and sincere:

“Outstanding!!!!, Randall!!!

I just woke to your article and you’ve brought tears to my eyes. I woke with a decision to rehash one of my own, and, goodness, found yours.

The past three years have been a long, horrible journey for me as I have sought to shake people into the reality that something has/is/was going horribly wrong. I’m not saying I am your chicken, but [OH MY GOD] have I felt like one.

I had a conversation [yesterday] with an old man I have been trying to shake out of sleep for these last years. I spewed forth the details of my last story in a vitriolic rant. My rhetoric was laced with curse words and obscenities, and I was loud enough for people to overhear, but I didn’t care. At the conclusion of my little temper-dance, he agreed I have been right about some things and asked,

“Feel better now?”

“F*** NO!!” I exclaimed and went on my way.”

And now for the Remarkable Randall Burn’s take on things:

“The Burden of Proof” by Randall Burns

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia definition of “Burden of proof, (philosophical)”, (link to follow);

“Holder of the burden[edit]

When two parties are in a discussion and one makes a claim that the other disputes, the one who makes the claim typically has a burden of proof to justify or substantiate that claim especially when it challenges a perceived status quo.[1] This is also stated in Hitchens’s razor, which declares that “what may be asserted without evidence, may be dismissed without evidence.” Carl Sagan proposed a related criterion – “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – which is known as the Sagan standard.[2]

While certain kinds of arguments, such as logical syllogisms, require mathematical or strictly logical proofs, the standard for evidence to meet the burden of proof is usually determined by context and community standards and conventions.[3][4]


Here is the link for “Burden of proof, (Law)”


I really appreciate Carl Sagan’s interpretation, especially with what’s going on in the world today. For anyone who’s been following my latest series addressing the COVID-19 “pandemic” I think that you will agree that all I’m asking is a single question throughout; “Where’s the science?”, in other words, “Prove it to me”. I have yet, in all of my research, been able to find any substantiating evidence that there is in fact a pandemic, although I’m accumulating a mountain of evidence that supports the contrary.

In my numerous “discussions” with various people, (and there has been a LOT), I really feel like I’m hitting a brick wall a lot of the time so I’ve thought of an analogy that just might illustrate the point a little more clearly. Here is a hypothetical story; it is pure fiction, and hopefully entertaining…

(Disclaimer – Any similarities to any person living or dead is purely coincidental)

Once upon a time, In Never-NeverLand

Ross and Shari were enjoying their afternoon picnic in the park; it was a beautiful day, clear skies with a couple of light fluffy clouds, like cotton balls floating aimlessly high above. A light warm breeze flowed across the green grass and over the couple’s blanket as they sipped their wine, nibbled on snacks, and lightly chatted about nothing, and everything.

Suddenly Chicken Little came running down the hill towards them, wide eyed and obviously full of fear. Ross jumped up and said, “Whoa Buddy! Where’s the fire?”

Chicken Little stopped, panted for a few minutes and exclaimed, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Initially Ross’s breath quickened, his heartbeat accelerated and he had to fight off the panic; to fight off the urge to run through the streets, flailing his arms, screaming like a little school girl; and then his brain kicked in, and with it intelligent thoughts started rolling back in…

“Wait a minute,” he said to Chicken Little, “Prove it to me”.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Chicken Little proclaimed, “Well I’ll find someone that does..”. And with that Chicken Little promptly started running through the streets, flailing his arms, screaming like a little schoolgirl…

Ross returned to the blanket and Shari, with a concerned look on her face asked, ‘Wow, what was that all about?”

Ross explained and then “wrote it off” as just something weird so they could enjoy the rest of their day.

Unbeknownst to Ross and Shari, Chicken Little made it to the Mayor’s office, the newspaper, T.V. station, and well, news travels quickly….

The 6:00 news featured, “The Sky is Falling!”…

Ross got up in the morning, went outside to get the paper and was dumbfounded as he saw literally hundreds of people, running around at breakneck speed, aimlessly, arms flailing, screaming like little school girls. Some were smacking into each other, some colliding with power poles, or parked cars. It was mayhem. Upon reviewing his newspaper Ross saw the headline and his heart sank, it read,

The Sky is Falling!”

Despondently he went inside to tell Shari…

There were town hall meetings, phone calls, conference calls, video meetings with the capitol, etc.

That night on the 6:00 news government officials told everyone to not worry, their best scientists were working on it, and they would come to a solution quickly…

The next morning Ross decided to call Ian, the Dean of Science at the University, to get some feedback;

“Hello Ian, Ross here. What in the world is going on with all these people? All hell is breaking loose!”

“Hi Ross, yes I know, it’s preposterous. I did send the Mayor a letter, haven’t heard back from him, and I wrote an article for the newspaper saying that in fact the sky is NOT falling to try and calm everyone down, and they responded by saying that they couldn’t print it because, and I quote; “It is contrary to our policies and we have deemed it as misinformation”. WTF!!!”

“Holy Crap Ian, I don’t know what to say, the world has gone crazy…”

That night on the 6:00 news the Government officials announce that until further notice, until they can get this thing under control they will close the schools, shops, restaurants and businesses, with the further suggestion that everyone stay indoors. They say, ‘We just can’t be too safe”.

Ross and Shari look at each other in disbelief, they can read each other’s thoughts as they are both thinking the same thing; “WTF??!!!”

8:15 P.M. Meeting at Mayor’s office; City councilmen, concerned citizens, scientists from the Capitol, Mayor states;

“Well we need some answers soon, I’m a little nervous, I don’t know what to think, I can’t take the stress… And WILL SOMEONE GET ALL THOSE PEOPLE TO STOP RUNNING AROUND, FLAILING THEIR ARMS AND SCREAMING LIKE LITTLE SCHOOLGIRLS!!!”

Shari woke up earlier the next morning and stepped outside to get the newspaper. It was quiet, eerie, haunting and lifeless, no one was around anywhere. She looked at the headline;

“Chicken Little for Mayor!”

She just started shaking her head and went inside to break the news to Ross.

The 6:00 news that night the government officials say that their scientific advisors have made a breakthrough and introduce Dr. Xenophobe to explain;

“Well from what we can gather so far yes the sky is falling, slowly but we’ve determined that the best way to protect yourself is by wrapping tin foil around your heads. We will have to maintain that until further notice when we’ve found a permanent solution to the problem”.

There was a palpable collective sigh of relief through the television studio, much congratulations and Thank Yous all around.

Ross and Shari looked at each other, Ross said, “Pack your things, I’ll load up the truck and trailer and we’re out of here!”

Shari replied enthusiastically, “I thought you’ld never ask!”, and proceeded to gather her things.

Ross called Ian and told him the news that they were leaving to which Ian laughed and said he was doing the same, with a few other people and they would meet them on the other side of the mountains.

The next morning with the vehicles all packed Ross and Shari walked out the front door just as the Police were driving by. The police yelled out, “Hey! You can’t come outside without your tinfoil hat! Can’t you see everyone else?”

   And it was then they noticed that everyone was dutifully wearing their tin foil hats, each one unique, but they were calm and docile, no one was running around, flailing their arms and screaming like a little schoolgirl. Ross and Shari looked at each other and went back inside. Shari made a Unicorn for her hat and Ross made a Phoenix. Out the door they went again to rousing applause from the police and their neighbors at the approval of their new head gear. Ross and Shari smiled at each other, hopped in the truck and drove off into the sunset to live happily ever after. (They did ditch their hats once they hit the city limits).

   Not really sure of the fate of Never-Neverland, (Ross and Shari never thought about it again), I’ll leave that up to you finish that.

   Moral of the story; Don’t Panic, (Yes that is from the “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” but I wasn’t finished yet), I’ll start over; Don’t Panic, don’t lose your marbles and start running around haphazardly, flailing your arms, screaming like a little schoolgirl until you have the proof and the evidence that such behavior is warranted.

I’m having a real issue with the censorship that I’ve been seeing through all of this. Facts and information that is very pertinent and relevant is NOT being reported on the main news channels, articles, data and expert opinions are being removed from media platforms, I’ve had a couple of my articles removed from LinkedIn because they tell me, and I quote, “It is contrary to our policies and we deem it as misinformation”. We, all of us are entitled to see ALL of the information so that we can make educated conclusions but we are being force-fed an ‘Agenda”. Following are a few interesting links that have suffered such fates but I believe that they are important and do offer another perspective of the “reality”. And there is so much more out there, all you have to do is look for it. Don’t be content with being spoon fed what they want you to digest, get all of the facts.

Ultimately “They” are making a claim that I do not believe. The “Burdon of Proof” is on “Them” to supply the evidence and data to support the claim that there is a pandemic. To repeat Carl Sagan;

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”

As I’ve said with all of my research I’m hard pressed to find anything to support the stance of a pandemic but the evidence showing me the contrary is sure accumulating very quickly.

Following are some very insightful articles and videos;

Speech by Nurses Union, Edmonton, Alberta, Dec. 6. (Removed by Facebook). This really gives an insight into the “reality”. My sister in law sent this to me yesterday, it was a few weeks ago that I received a very inspirational message from her, (perfect timing as a matter of fact, as I really needed it), in response to one of my articles, she said;

“Good read brother. I have shared with my dad.

I’ve been thinking, we need to just get out there. Keep spreading the word, knowledge is power. But overall keep trying to enjoy life, keep going out. Supporting local business. Keep walks in the park. Playing outside. Skiing, sliding, whatever it maybe. All while banding with more and more people. So no fear!. I am not a sheep!!

Love you brother

November 19 at 9:10 AM

I will not live in fear**

November 20 at 5:22 AM”

Critique of data sending U.K. into lockdowns, (this is a fascinating and informative video), Shari shared this with me;

Here is a link to a video by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is launching a class action lawsuit for crimes relating to the actions taken regarding the “pandemic”. This video is very insightful and informative; this was the video, originally posted by Dr. Ian Weinberg that started me on this path. (The original has been removed from YouTube but this link is still working);

I was very alarmed to see that the U.K. is launching mass vaccinations today, (Dec. 8), any of you that have read my material know how I feel about this, I believe that it will be a tragedy, (but there are still those few people that are making Billions off of this). Nicci Robertson shared this today;


There is a virtual library of information in my other articles, especially the “Sources” section of each one. They can be found here;


Happy Cooking Everyone!

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