Genetic Modification 101

Some of you have read my work; some of you have not.

About me:

I have a kickass brain.  I was born with it and have hated it for most of my life.  It sets me apart in many ways and it’s lonely.  In recent years, I’ve been forced to resort to it for a few reasons—none good.

You might say these actions by incredibly corrupt people are the tipping point for me. The fury I feel goes beyond the pale.

These efforts with this new shot are not new explorations into genetic modification—they are a continuance of the same. I keep not wanting to believe what I know is true—that genetic and brain modifications have been going on for decades with these shots.

Genetics was my thing when I was a kid and young adult and I studied it relentlessly. My goal was to cure cancer by genetically tagging a cancer-specific genetic anomaly with an antigen in order to alert the immune system to cancer’s presence.

[I was very disappointed when I had a short email conversation with a scientist who told me that idea hadn’t worked. I think he lied.]

They turned to altering T-cells which is patient-specific and very, very lucrative.

I studied Multiple Sclerosis for a time but realized I had to give up that study if I wanted to continue with cancer. So I know a thing or two about autoimmune disease.

Now I have autoimmune disease and I’ve had those shots and I can’t believe I had blanket trust for those who injected me. I have antibodies to my DNA. After listening to Dr. Theresa Deischer, I know why.

Open Letter from Dr. Theresa Deisher to Legislators Regarding Fetal Cell DNA in Vaccines

No—Dr. Deischer doesn’t exactly say it here, but I will.

Most adult occurrence of autoimmune disease is the result of an integration of fetal stem cell DNA into existing DNA—which the immune system sees as enemy—harmful—whatever.

And brain modification? How many children do you know who cannot speak? Do not have language? I believe this is deliberate because the only thing that differentiates us from the 4-legged kind is language.

I experience something like this a few years back and I called it my mini-autism.

In my article Killer Drugs [Updated], I give an example.

“An appointment at the doctors recommended the pneumonia shot [Prevnar] and a flu shot. I asked if it was safe to get them both at the same time, and the nurse said,

“Su-u-ure—we give them in different arms.”

 Well—hey—I gotta tell you: It was a very bad idea. Aluminum in one arm and mercury in the other?   I took a cognitive hit I thought I’d never recover from. It was autistic-like. I’d be writing, trying to find a word in my mind, and find that, not only could I not find the word, I could not grab any related concept. There was a black hole in my mind.

Finding words in that black hole?  Let me demonstrate through analogy. 

I had stopped writing from 2010, pretty much, thru 2016 because my hands had become so crippled. I had seen a neuro-psychologist who recommended I go back to writing and that I should also take a drug by the name of Aricept.

I periodically experienced what I called word-abysses and could not remember a word. More significantly, I could not verbalize any concept relative to a word, so no replacements were available to my lips [or my fingertips…].

A simple example could be the word: tree [although the usual words were more complex]:

Think of all the words used for tree—tree, oak, maple, wood, and on and on and on…

Where that word [and all its relations] resided in my brain turned into a black hole. I could get none of them from my brain to my lips. I had been getting sicker and sicker, so I thought what I was experiencing was part of a dying process. I thought it was the beginning of my loss of language. I thought it was over for me.”

Fortunately, I recovered.




The only way these evil creeps can make themselves appear better than us is by chemically and genetically modifying us. They are doing this to our children in numerous ways and our politicians are getting paid off to let them.

They did it to my babies.  They did it to me.  I’ve seen many damaged children and adults in my time on this Earth.

I raised vaccine-injured children and it cost me everything.  Someone mentioned “Civic Duty,” and my stomach roiled with nausea.  I asked that person this:

My children, my body, our lives, my financial future, that career in genetic research science, that free pass to medical school,…

Just how much do you expect me to give up?

We are not dealing with rational, sane people.  The crazy people are in charge. What has been going on in our country for decades is totally completely insane. Efforts have not been made to better We the People. Efforts have focused on how to “manage” us.

Reference: Edward Bernays

I learned the hard way to never trust anything in a syringe or a pill or anything pushed by today’s MDs.

They almost killed me a few years ago. And when I complained of being sick? sicker? and sickest? I just as well could have been talking to this guy above me.


And if they try to tell you they are not attempting to Genetically Modify you, they’re lying.

Genetic Engineering Could Make a COVID-19 Vaccine in Months Rather Than Years

“Virtually all the labs want to find a way to train human cells to make an antigen called the spike protein. It juts out from SARS-CoV-2 like a stud on a tire, allowing the virus to bind to a human cell and sneak inside. Almost all the labs are using one of three approaches to deliver the spike blueprint. The first is a DNA plasmid, typically a small, hoop-shaped molecule. A plasmid is a handy tool because if a virus mutates, researchers can readily swap in a new blueprint.

DNA-plasmid vaccines have been made for veterinary uses in fishes, dogs, swine and horses, but human applications have lagged, mostly because the vaccines have had difficulty passing through a cell’s protective outer membrane to reach the machinery inside. One recent improvement is to inject the vaccine with an instrument that administers brief electrical charges to cells near the injection site, which open pores in the cell membranes so the vaccine can enter.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., is employing the DNA-plasmid approach. Several years ago it launched clinical trials targeting spike proteins of a different coronavirus disease called Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). According to chief executive officer Joseph Kim, the antibody levels in vaccinated people “are as good or better than those we see in blood samples from people who [naturally] recovered from MERS.” The company adapted its platform—the plasmid and means for testing it—to make a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2.

DNA-plasmid vaccines work by transferring the genetic blueprint to RNA in the cell machinery, which makes the spike antigens. But scientists can skip the plasmid step by embedding a blueprint in a strand of RNA—a second approach known as RNA vaccines. The RNA is carried in lipids that are injected into the body; lipids are fatty molecules that can pass easily into cells. Research shows that RNA vaccines may be better than DNA plasmids at mobilizing the immune system to create antibodies. They also seem to induce more potent immunity—a stronger memory in the immune system—and therefore require lower doses. Some RNA vaccines are in early-stage clinical trials for other viral illnesses, including rabies, HIV and Zika. Moderna in Cambridge, Mass., is using this approach for SARS-CoV-2.”

This is all experimental and I refuse to let you damage me further. What others do is up to them but be forewarned. There are multitudes of vaccine-injured and our lives are taunted, tangled messes. Vaccine-Injury Deniers call us antivaxxers, pro-plaguers and worse. We are even taunted by MDs.

What’s Life Like for the Vaccine-Injured?

You are violating [and have been violating] my Human Rights and those of multitudes of others. You are violating [and have been violating] the:

Nuremburg Code

Copyright December 2020 by Joyce Bowen

11 thoughts on “Genetic Modification 101

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  1. “No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.”

    I find number 5 quite bothersome IF the nefarious sort of physicians were to ‘play’ the game.


    1. And there are tests that can be done that can help determine who will be damaged. MDs refuse to do them. I almost got one in in order to test for something else, but the MD declined to order it. [there were 4 I requested 1 of which I knew would be significant.]


    1. That’s a bullshit post. Fake news if I ever saw it. I’ve studied these shots and experienced the destruction of everything I held dear over the last nearly 70 years.

      I am of very high intellect and see these shots as nothing more than toxic shots laced with viral particles to legitimize them as vaccines.

      These shots are a farce and illegal experimentation.

      These things should never be injected into any biological organism, and certainly not in the quantity that USA babies are subjected to today. They are destroying language abilities in babies.

      Now this might be a slightly changed list from 2013. I believe they may have deemed some toxic ingredients as incidental contaminants and not required to list. I do have the 2013 list.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many in those comment sections are paid trolls. There is no way anyone who studies the science can come up with the answers I’ve seen. They are either profoundly stupid people or creeps.

        I was very pro-vaccine until I studied the science. You could set your annual clock as to when to get your shots if I was around. After studying the science, I was ashamed of myself for being so stupidly brainwashed and misled.

        Study Edward Bernays as to how they screw us out of thinking for ourselves.


  2. Fanx very much Joyce. Naturally all of such info should be being broadcasts on the mainscream snooze! BUT, we all know that won’t happen. So people out there make this viral ; ) – Al

    Liked by 1 person

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