NYS Bill A416: Democrats Propose Nazi-Inspired Bill To Round-Up, Institutionalize “Public Health Risks” – Geller Report News

I never thought I’d see this day. We never won WWII–we brought it home.

I sent part of this discussion to a scientist I know.

It was my goal as a child to enter the field of genetic research. I cut teeth on what there was back in the 60s/70s until my baby boy was vaccine-injured [and subsequently my second.]

I’ve read interesting papers on many things, but most recently genetics. My mind started to wander through the genetic diversity of “us.” The work of Christos A. Ouzounis comes to mind. I see his work as brilliant but scary. [You need to read between the lines to understand what can be done.]

Metabolic innovations towards the human lineage


I have antibodies to my DNA, so I wonder if I still have the DNA I was born with. In considering Shoenfeld’s work, does the adjuvant do nothing more than stimulate a more vigorous response of the immune system’s battle against altered DNA? [My elongating cervical lesion has stopped acting up since I stopped pharmaceutical products.]

‘ASIA’ – autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants


I’ve read and listened to Dr. Theresa Deischer. I love her description of birth as an immune response. It makes perfect sense. A piece written by her is here.


The shots are no longer masquerading as inoculants. They are genetic modification. Was this always their true intention?

We are genetically extraordinarily diverse. Is the goal of some in the scientific community to change that for most of us and has this been under experimentation for decades?

I’m not sure she’s right about the disease.  It may have been Typhus.
Joyce Bowen

Murderous Medicine: Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus

The Nuremberg Code

Life, Death and all between

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