Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code?

You have to remember the personae we are dealing with. These people are of psychopathic mindsets. Last year I emailed a scientific friend and said:

29 Apr 2020

“These shots were never meant to help at all; they were always meant to hurt. With the influx of these toxic ingredients throughout pharmaceutical products…–it just boggles my mind. I now firmly believe our whole system is so corrupt, murder for profit is commonplace. Now that would make a terrible slogan; now that is too strong—but it’s true. Nixon passed an Act in ’73, allowing medicine to become a for-profit business. There is no profit in healthy people.”

Now they are trying to say vaccinations are not experimentation. I strongly disagree.

I email chatted that same friend a few months later:

Mon 7/6/2020

“I carried that damned excipient list around with me for almost two years, and I now tell people these are nothing more than toxic shots laced with viral particles to legitimize them as vaccines.”

There are ingredients in pharmaceutical products that the FDA exempts from testing for human toxicity. Huh? If it’s ingested or injected, then it MUST be tested for human toxicity. But some of those very things are well-known from past studies to be harmful. Take mercury for instance. These are snail neurons, but still… I cry every time I see it because I know what I did to my babies’ brains–more pointedly my oldest’s.


By 4 months and 2 days, my oldest son’s life had been irrevocably altered. He had had 3 sets of DPT and oral polio by August 8, 1974. By the age of two, it showed.

I was NEVER told of the risks or even this could happen. And instead of telling me how he was harmed, they applied

42 U.S. Code § 5106a. Grants to States for child abuse or neglect prevention and treatment programs.





and accused me and many other parents of children [damaged by their pediatricians] of child abuse. Our children became the cash-cows of the system with no concern for their lives. Many were ripped from desperate homes and placed in the foster care system because hospitals and their systems had their grants fattened by doing so. Many of these children died as a result. It was certainly a holocaust of the medical systems making.

Tell me what happened and happens to vaccine-injured children and adults is not a violation of the Nuremberg Code. I dare anyone to try.

On a Personal Note:

And as always–Click the link below to get your copy of The Nuremberg Code.


New Human New Earth Communities

  • THE STORY:Those running the COVID cult are engaging in forced medical experimentation upon the world population via mandatory masks and (planned-to-be) mandatory vaccines.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:The Nuremburg Code was created 74 years ago as an ethical benchmark to stop exploitation via unwanted medical experimentation. Do mandatory masks and vaccines, supposedly justified by COVID, break its 10 points?

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2 thoughts on “Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code?

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  1. How can an individual legally appeal a violation of the Nuremburg code? Here in New Zealand, there is no law protecting employees from being required to undergo experimental medical treatment by their employer.


    1. This is a global problem. This will have to get the attention of the International Criminal Court but there is no guarantee they haven’t been corrupted as well.

      Employers are emblazoned by what is occurring. They feel a tremendous sense of power. The ICC and the Nuremberg Code is the only way out I can see.

      You might try waving a copy of that in their face.


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