Climbing over the Bodies to Get to the Top—Redux

The human species shows a horrific tendency to find busy work in an attempt to catapult an individual or organization through some sort of hierarchy to achieve some perceived greatness.

Most call it Competition, I call it Tomfoolery.

The result is often the demise of many. Thus the title, “Climbing over the Bodies to get to the Top.”

Reviewing any one of the upcoming shots is a fruitless task. There are dozens in varying stages of testing and discounting only one will only bring others into play.

Dozens of COVID-19 vaccines are in development. Here are the ones to follow.

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There are hundreds of voices that could be consolidated and organized to work closely together, but these people have achievements of their own. They are doers not followers and I can’t see them taking a back seat. Their achievements alone bring into the fore the necessity of collaboration, and when people or groups are more interested in creating a pig-pile, this just won’t do.

Covid 19 GSK Bill Gates Vaccine Scandal MIRROR

Using the legal system to check ONE COVID shot is a drag on money and resources.  If the study is finished by the time mandates come down there will be dozens of others to choose from. Any action based on this type of premise will be moot.

What is clear is that a good-sized percentage of us are medically harmed by the shots and tests exist to determine who. The Mitochondrial DNA differences in us are relative to Mitochondrial DNA






Vaccines That Change your DNA & Gates’ Italian Experiment

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Europe was already planning for a Vaccine ID Passport from the 3rd quarter of 2019. The real question is what is a vaccine. Gates has been funding a vaccine that is totally different. Instead of introducing a sample of a disease, he has been funding a vaccine that is in part nanobots that target to … Continue reading

Armstrong Economics

MTHFR Mutations

By The Vaccine Reaction

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Six People Who Should Not Be Vaccinated Because of Vaccine Contraindications

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Genetic Variants That May Cause Vaccine Injury


Author: Michael McEvoy A number of genetic mutations have surfaced in recent years, which have been studied in relationship to vaccine injury. This information could help both patients as well as physicians make more informed and science-based decisions regarding vaccination. Vaccine injury has become a hotly debated topic in recent years. In the United States, and we could be exempted if the Medical industry was mandated to perform these tests and accept the results.

But no group wants to spearhead this effort in a manner that will produce any real success. Why? Suspicious at the least, I say. What’s needed is an injunction to stop all shots until safety studies are done. This will be a hard fight because these darn things just aren’t safe.

Current [M]edical [E]xemptions are almost impossible to get thanks to the vaccine industry’s political ramming of legislation across the USA and elsewhere. Even so, the medical exemptions are based on viral components not on an individual’s inability to withstand the toxic ingredients in them.

What is needed is an injunction to stop any illegal mandates since there are treatments for whatever this thing is—the flu—whatever. It’s medication and proper treatment—not any shots. No Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] can be mandated.


The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It








Many of us know how numbers are being exploded by nefarious means and how the PCR test is useless for the purpose for which it’s being used.


So why are any studies being done for any shots when the issues are so clear to many of us? File Injunctions to stop the shots based on the mounds of evidence showing the shots are not warranted and/or that the test in use is useless. Any other action is—well—useless.


I’ve seen and experienced vaccine-injury firsthand. My children, my body, and our lives have been destroyed by those damned shots. This all started in the 1970s. [My babies were born in ’74 and ’77.] I’ve written many articles on my family’s sorrows. In telling our stories, they are the stories of many others. When I think of my babies, many Vaccine-Injured I have met come to mind.

The pain and suffering our families have experienced cannot be measured. Our bodies are in that pile people are scrambling over to achieve some sort of self-perceived greatness.

One thing I will never do is donate any funds to such a useless cause.

If the test to show those of us who are susceptible to the toxicants in these shots is not mandated, many of us will die.

And it is going to happen soon.

On a Personal Note:

And as always–Click the link below to get your copy of The Nuremberg Code.

Just one more point, though…  Babies can’t consent—that means no one can consent for them. Take me for instance—would I rather they had never irradiated my arm when I was just weeks old?

Most definitely yes.

Click to access 2-2-the-nuremberg-code.pdf


Click to access 2020HB-05044-R000219-Wrinn%2015,%20Chris-TMY.PDF

Copyright February 2021 by Joyce Bowen

Educational Use granted

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